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This software to optimize your slow Mac is on sale

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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CleanMyMac X is a very complete program that allows you to clean your device with just one click. The main menu of the application allows you to perform a full scan of your computer to detect cache files as well as files in the trash, unnecessary translations of your applications, or highlight large files.

iTunes, Mail or Photos are all apps that can be easily minimized and at the same time optimized. The amounts of storage available, excluding iCloud, on Macs aren’t the largest either, so it’s always good to reclaim a little extra space.

And with security database technology, rest assured, CleanMyMac X knows the difference between an important file and a useless file. This smart assistant is designed to support you, and in any case, it does not delete anything without your consent. CleanMyMac X is also for protecting your Mac, where you can easily run a scan to detect potential malware. In total, MacPaw claims an average boot time divided by 4, apps up to 2.5x more responsive, and up to 5x free storage. Want proof? Test CleanMyMac X for thirty days!

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