Three new Apple Watches this year, and an expected improvement in sports activity tracking

The new generations of Apple Watch tend to follow and resemble each other. With Series 7, the manufacturer has expanded the screen, but for the rest, it is true that the novelties were Very modest. Will it be the same with Series 8? According to Mark Gorman, 2022 will not be less than “ The biggest year in Apple Watch history since the original model !

at the news Weekly, the fortune teller confirms earlier rumors that Apple is preparing to launch three different models: the Apple Watch Series 8, a new Apple Watch SE and a watch for sportsmen and adventurers.

If the range were to suddenly be enriched, the Apple Watch Series 8 wouldn’t be able to revolutionize anything in terms of health sensors, or perhaps simply incorporate a thermometer that we already mentioned. for series 7. A new, more powerful chip is also expected, which will change from the current S7 chip, it already brings Not much compared to the S6 From Apple Watch Series 6.

On the other hand, and this is very encouraging, Gorman mentions a major update to monitor sports activities. Will these features also be introduced in the previous series? Finally, the Apple Watch Series 3 will finally release in the fall, which will be a relief to developers.

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