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Those pandas who found a disgusting way to warm up!

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The House of Science is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also, in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the world’s treasures. In this fourth episode, let’s go to Asia in the footsteps of one of the world’s cutest animals: the giant panda.

The Huge panda, Is a little icon Cash Threatened. Little by little, almostair You’re welcome, we chomped on it. Fragmented habitat. It endangered the fragile balance he was able to negotiate with nature.

As an animal with a big heart, we lacked the kindness that mythology had to offer. They even say that this is how Black spots It appeared on clean white fur at the beginning of Huge panda. Much like traces of ash left by their claws wiping away tears When a person dies. Cover their ears so that they cannot hear them crying. And we hugged each other for comfort.

Giant panda. To see him with his gentle air and air eyes Circled in black, he sits there endlessly chewing a Bamboo However, indigestible, only one desire comes to us: a big hug for him. But make no mistake about it. The animal also has its small flaws. Here, for example, a little lazy. Including when it comes to seducing his beauty.

An unexpected virtue for horse dung

Worse still – or maybe not, depending on one’s values ​​- the giant panda seems to have developed an alien appeal, let’s not be afraid of words … other people’s poop. This situation is very rare between Mammals Savages – who prefer to get away to avoid Contamination by Parasites The researchers wanted to know more. They wanted to understand why the giant panda loves to roll in Horse dung. Rub it and spread it on its fur. With a marked preference for fresh compost!

What struck their ears was that this behavior was observed in Qinling pandas – a Subspecies Their fur may appear spotted light brown instead of black and no more than 300 individuals remain in the wild – especially when temperatures in the mountains they live in drop below 15 degrees corresponding to.

By taking a closer look at horse manure, researchers have found substances – beta-caryophylline (BCP) and caryophylline oxide (BCPO) – capable of inducing inversion, at least temporarily. , The feeling of cold turns into “off”. On the other hand, the giant panda learned this through experience, as it lived side by side with the horses that had traveled on trade routes in the Qinling Mountains for 1,000 years. The ones who, unlike their cousins, the bears, do not spend the winter, have found an equally effective solution to fight the cold … not that stupid, Panda Kinling!

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