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Thousands demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the new Israeli government

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The demonstration, in which demonstrators carried slogans describing Netanyahu’s government as “dangerous, corrupt and racist”, was attended by some members of Parliament, such as Labor Party Chair Merav Mikhailova. Among other things, she wrote on Twitter that people would fight for “democracy in their country.”

“We will not allow you to turn our country into a dictatorship,” Bar Association chairman Avi Hami told Justice Minister Garev Levin. He was responding to Levine’s Supreme Court reform proposal this week. According to the proposal, Parliament should, among other things, obtain the power to override the Supreme Court’s decision by a simple majority. Levine also suggests that politicians play a greater role in appointing Supreme Court justices.

There will be more protests

The opposition criticized the judicial reform proposal, according to which an independent judiciary would be threatened. The new parliament, in which the ruling coalition has a majority, had already approved legislation in December that would allow the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, Arji Dream, to become a minister, despite his conviction of tax evasion last January. Netanyahu also faces criminal charges accused of corruption. He denied the charges, calling the allegation a “witch hunt”.

Saturday’s demonstration organizers criticize the government for having “extremist” politicians who apply laws that discriminate against national or sexual minorities. “Tonight, my friends, we have created a new democratic camp that includes Jews and Arabs, women and men, the transgender and LGBTQ+ community, religious and secular. We are all united against one bad government and in the fight for a better future,” said one of the speakers at the rally on Saturday.

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According to the organizers of the event, there will be more demonstrations against the government and in order to protect Israeli democracy, including next Saturday, according to what the server of “Haaretz” newspaper reported.

Netanyahu’s new government won the confidence of the Israeli Knesset


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