Three liberal doctors from Indri have not been vaccinated

One GP is present three days a week for at least 2,800 residents. Chabris, in Indre, faced a shortage of caregivers shortly before the entry into force Vaccination duty for caregivers this Wednesday. A general practitioner of this town north of Indri refuses to vaccinate. So he is forbidden to take care of his patients. At the department level, two other doctors working in a private practice share this position.

The official reason for the end of the activity of this young doctor from Shabris: sick leave, since 4 September and for at least two months. But according to the regional health agency, city council, and many residents, these are good things Anti-vaccine attitudes From this young GP who has been inaugurated since February 2017 and who pushed him to put an end to his activism.

The 2000 practice patients So today they find themselves without a doctor. It is difficult to refer to other practices, because Doctor Carsoza, the historical practitioner of the municipality, still receives, but only three days a week. Dr. Allard, who was on maternity leave, will not be replaced before October 11.

To avoid this medical risk, many Chabriots want Give the alert. The town’s mayor, Fabrice Faurie, recalls “petition” Launched by the locals. The Chancellor intends to put this issue of medical desertification on the agenda of a meeting with the Deputy Governor of Isodon. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to go to the Pôle de santé de Valençay, 15 kilometers away.

“Fireworks not to be hung”

“There is a technical ambiguity in the administrative status of this unvaccinated doctor.”, admits Dr. Christian Moreau, General Secretary of the Medical Association of Indri. Since the practitioner from Chabris has been on sick leave since September 4th, it is impossible for ARS Administrative comment As required by law. from the top prioritiesNor is the Medical Council. This is amazing moral punishment It could intervene in a second step, following the decision of the regional health agency. Dr. Moro . recalls “Tricks that should not be hung”, without questioning the validity of the doctor’s sick leave from Chabris, a role that falls to the health insurance.

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The liberal physician of Shabris in question remained elusive at this time.

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