Three more acquittals 32 years after the Hillsborough tragedy

Donald Denton, 83, and Alan Foster, 74, two former police officers, as well as retired attorney Peter Metcalf, 71, have been charged with altering police statements after the tragedy in an effort to reduce police criticism.

Judge William Davis stated in his ruling that the three men, who were representing the authorities at the time, had not committed any crimes related to the use of these statements in the context of a public investigation.

With the recognition of bsuffering And the Distress That the case led to it, the judge indicated that it was her role Determine if there is any evidence supporting the specific criminal offense with which these defendants were charged. And he concluded that there is no one.

The prosecution said it would not appeal.

The drama, the worst in British sporting history, unfolded on April 15, 1989 in Sheffield, northern England, during the FA Cup semi-final between the Reds in Nottingham Forest.

As Liverpool fans approached the revolving doors with the approaching kick-off, security opened a door leading to their designated wing to relieve pressure. But fans rushed to an already crowded stage.

The movement of the crowds had initially killed 94 people, who were pressed at the gates on the outskirts of the square. Two more died later.

In November 2019, former Commissioner David Dockenfeld, in charge of security on the day of the tragedy, was convicted of manslaughter due to gross negligence.

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