Three regions on Christian Dube’s radar

(Montreal) The rise in COVID-19 cases is worrying the Minister of Health, Christian Dube, and three regions of Quebec are on the radar at the moment: Montreal, Laval and Lanaudiere.

Stephanie Marine
Canadian Press

Since August 12, Quebec Province has exceeded 400 new daily cases three times. This Monday, 409 were identified. However, the seven-day moving average is 365 new cases.

“The situation is worrying in some regions, including Montreal, Laval and Lanaudiere,” the minister wrote on his Twitter account on Monday.

There were the three highest rates of active cases per 100,000 residents: in Laval, the rate is 98, in Montreal 50, and 40 in Lanudiere. In the latter region, the increase was more noticeable in the south than in the north.

Estrie follows an active case rate of 33 and then Montérégie with 31 cases.

The three regions of concern to the minister are also among those with the highest number of active cases: there are 1,031 in Montreal, 438 in Laval and 210 in Lanudiere. However, it is Montérégie that comes in second with 449 cases.

However, some regions, including the Bass-Saint-Laurent region, have not provided active case numbers.

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