D BOX Technologies: BOX announces the ban on operations limited to irrigation according to general instructions 12-203

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D-BOX announces that following its July 28, 2021 press release (“Breach Declaration”) regarding the gradual resumption of its activities following a ransomware cyber attack and the anticipated delay in the submission of its interim, condensed, unaudited consolidated financial statements, MD&A for the quarter ended June 30, 2021, In addition to the Certificates of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer due on August 14, 2021 (collectively the “Required Documents”), the Company’s lead regulator, and financier Autorité des marchés (“AMF”), an order to stop trade limited to Executive Directors (“IOLD”) in August 12, 2021, pursuant to General Instructions 12-203 regarding the prohibition of transactions restricted to executives (“GI 12-203”). Under IOLD, the CEO, CFO and all directors of the company may not trade in the company’s securities until the company submits the required documents and the AMF cancels IOLD. IOLD does not affect the ability of shareholders to trade their securities. The company plans to submit the required documents as soon as they become available, but in any case no later than September 16, 2021.

The Board of Directors and the management of the company confirm that they are working hard to provide the required documents and confirm that since the company’s press releases of July 14, 2021 and July 28, 2021:

  • there has been no material change from the information in the disclosure of the breach that could reasonably be expected to be material to the investor;

  • there has been no breach by the Company of its representations regarding compliance with the Alternative Information Guidelines under GI 12-203;

  • there has not been, and is not expected to be, a specific breach following the breach referred to in the notice of breach; And

  • There is no material information about the company’s affairs that has not been announced.

Until the required documents are submitted and the IOLD has been raised, the Company intends to continue to meet the provisions of the Alternative Information Guidelines under GI 12-203 by issuing situation reports in the form of additional press releases every two weeks.

About D-BOX

D-BOX redefines and creates realistic, immersive, and tactile entertainment experiences by providing whole-body feedback and stimulating the imagination through motion, vibration and texture effects. Basically, haptic touch allows a person to experience sensations that can be perceived if the body interacts directly with physical objects. This expertise explains why D-BOX collaborates with the world’s best companies to tell compelling stories. Whether it’s movies, video games, music, relaxation, virtual reality applications, entertainment or professional simulators, D-BOX’s mission is to bring the world to life and excite it like never before. D-BOX Technologies Inc. (TSX: DBO) is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Los Angeles, United States, and Beijing, China. D-Box.com

For more information, please contact:

Technologies D-BOX INC.

Stefan Vidal
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
450442-3003, internal 373
[email protected]

David Monpetit
Chief Financial Officer
450442-3003, indoor 296
[email protected]

Caution regarding forward-looking information

Certain information in this press release may constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws. Forward-looking statements may include, but are not limited to, statements about the Company, its plans, activities, objectives, operations, strategy, business prospects, financial results, financial position, or underlying assumptions therefor. In this press release there are phrases such as “may,” “likely,” “believe,” “expect,” “expect,” “intend,” “plan,” “estimate,” and similar expressions. or conditional or future position, and the negative form, to designate forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements should not be construed as guarantees of future performance or results and do not necessarily indicate precisely whether or how and when such future performance will materialize. By their nature, forward-looking statements are subject to many risks and uncertainties and are based on numerous assumptions that give rise to the possibility that actual results may differ materially from the Company’s expectations expressed or implied in such statements. No guarantee can be given that events anticipated from the forward-looking statements will occur, including, but not limited to, the timing of the investigation and recovery process, the impact on D-BOX’s business operations, projects, activities, objectives, operations, strategy and business expectations, financial results and position. financial.

Forward-looking statements are made in this press release to provide information about management’s current expectations and plans and to provide investors and others with a better understanding of the environment in which the Company operates. However, readers are cautioned that these forward-looking statements may not be suitable for other purposes.

These forward-looking statements are based on information available at that time and/or on management’s good faith beliefs regarding future events. They are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainty and other unexpected factors, many of which are beyond D-BOX’s control.

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