Tiger mosquito, an insect planted in several municipalities of Nevers

The tiger mosquito, recognizable by its black striped white color, has been in Nevers since 2018. This means that the department is under monitoring by the Ministry of Health. Like four other departments in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. In mainland France, 67 provinces were affected. At present, Nevers is one of the counties with less than 40% of the colonial municipalities.

“There aren’t a lot of colonial communes in Nevers,” asserts Catherine Roussel, a sanitation engineer at the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Bourgogne-Franch-Comté. “In 2018, there was Garchizy. It spread to Fourchambault, Varennes-Vauzelles. There is also Desisi. But it is very localized at the moment.”

Cover catchments, empty toys and store …

To prevent it from developing in the area, the ARS calls on residents to report its presence in This webpage National Agency for Food, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety (ANSES). She also recommends covering pools well, emptying and storing plastic toys (to prevent a little water from settling there), and emptying cups and other containers into the garden once a week. Catherine Russell notes, “It is enough to put a foot of the canopy to lay eggs.”

disease vector

The state is vigilant, because this insect can carry diseases. Not at birth, but after biting humans who are themselves pregnant. According to the Ministry of Health, they can be carriers in particular of chikungunya, dengue fever or Zika virus. Another irritating effect of this insect, but less serious: the pain of its sting. Note that the tiger mosquito bites more during the day.

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