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Learn English Quickly with These 10 Tips

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English is an internationally common language. It is the easiest language for global communication and has 1.5 billion speakers around the globe. No wonder why English is such an important language to learn. The average time for learning English fluently is 1 year. But it depends on your effort. Learning English can be hard or boring if you do not know some techniques. In this session, we will teach you 10 tips to learn English quickly. So without further delay, let us jump into it.

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1. Read

There is no alternative to reading while learning any language. Read everything you find that is written in English. You can read books, fairy tales, journals, newspapers, magazines, or internet blogs. It will help you learn new words and gain vocabulary. You can understand the context better when you know more words and synonyms.

2. Listen

Listening is a big part of learning a new language. You have to listen to the speakers to understand their words and emotions. Without listening, you will not understand how words are pronounced properly or what they mean. You can carry a notebook, so you can note down every new word you hear.

3. Talk

Languages were created for communication, so if you don’t talk, that will be unfair. You have to talk with live humans to improve your spoken English. Many people can read and write properly, but when it comes to speaking, they mess up. It is because they did not talk to other people, which is a big problem among learners. Talking will improve your accent and confidence.

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4. Use multimedia

Multimedia plays a big role in learning English. You can watch English movies and listen to English songs to improve your knowledge. By watching movies, you can enjoy and learn many new words at the same time. Movies help you to understand the context of many phrases. Listening to English songs will also help. Songs stay in our minds for a long time, which will be helpful for remembering many words easily.

5. Remember phrases, not words

Learning new words is very important. Without remembering the words, one will not understand the context. But learning word by word is difficult and time-consuming. What is better than that is remembering phrases. Most of the time, one phrase is translated into many languages with the same meaning. So it would be easier for you to remember. You can remember 10 to 15 words easily by learning one phrase.

6. Study patterns, not rules

There are many rules in English grammar. You can pass an exam by remembering the rules, but it will not help you when talking. You can not use the rule every time you talk. So it is better and easier to remember the pattern. When you study a pattern, you know what this sentence means and where it is used. So it is a better idea to study patterns rather than rules.

7. Take notes, use flashcards

It is an unavoidable tip to take notes and use flashcards. When we hear a new word or phrase, we can remember it for some time. But after that, it is possible to forget the word. Whenever you learn a new word, note it down. You can use flashcards to learn with your friends or family. It really helps to sharpen your vocabulary.

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8. Go abroad

Going abroad is an amazing way of learning English faster. You can travel to some English-speaking countries. When you have people around you speaking English, it will get easier for you if you know the basics. There are many English-speaking countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

9. Start with what’s interesting to you

This is the basic rule of learning anything you like. Start with what you like and find interesting. Without any interest, it will get harder for you. Also, you might stop learning for this reason. You can watch movies, and cartoons, or read magazines or comics. You can also listen to music if you like. Try communicating with your close ones in English, it helps.

10. Don’t feel discouraged

When you feel like you are not doing well, that’s not true. At some point, all learners will face this situation in their life. For some reason, it is natural to feel bad. If you feel like you cannot speak English, remove the phrase from your dictionary. Everyone can learn and speak English. It might take some time, but that’s all.


In this article, we discussed why it is important to learn English and how you can learn it with 10 easy tips. We taught you some tips that will help you to learn the basics and improve in the future. Every tip we discussed is important in learning any language, including English. Now it is up to you how you are going to follow them. We tried our best to explain the easiest tips.

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