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Tiger mosquito: how to avoid bites?

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The tiger mosquito is back. This year, this black and white pest is present in nearly sixty divisions. So, here are some tips to avoid being bitten by this dangerous insect.

A small bite can have serious consequences.

In fact, the tiger mosquito can transmit dangerous diseases such as dengue and Zika to humans. However, there are several simple ways to protect yourself from them.

Choose long, loose-fitting clothes

First of all, it is recommended to wear long clothes, because the tiger mosquito, recognizable by its black and white stripes, tends to bite the lower legs. It is also advisable to choose somewhat loose-fitting clothes, preferably in light colors, he explainsNational Health Security Agency (Anses) on its website.

Use a skin repellent

Another way to protect yourself: Use skin repellents, creams, sprays or lotions, observing the precautions for use shown. Thanks to the active ingredient, they will effectively counteract tiger mosquitowhich bites more during the day than at night, unlike its regular cousin, without killing it.

put mosquito nets

To protect yourself from a bite, you can also install mosquito nets on the windows of the rooms or above the bed, knowing that the tiger mosquito does not like height and therefore generally stays on the ground floor or on the first floor. housing floor.

Remove standing water

The tiger mosquito, also called the Aedes albopictus mosquito, breeds in all kinds of artificial water containers and tanks. For this reason, to prevent the reproduction of this species, it is necessary to think about regularly emptying the cups of flower pots, protecting the buckets from rain, and other various containers, and covering the recovery cans with water.

Keep your garden

ANSES also calls on the population to take care of them garden Because the tiger mosquito usually rests mainly in the vegetation. Therefore it is recommended to prune trees, remove hedges and tall weeds, but also to avoid storing plant residues.

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