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TikTok: Infecting Young People with Health Information

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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How to wear a mask safely, wash your hands thoroughly, and walk away from each other: Instructions from young idols, Asian or American influencers … all Dance.

Seen first for music videos, stars or bizarre shows, it’s the most popular social network currently between 16-24 years old – 40% of its subscribers – So it would be a good way To disseminate information on public health, hygiene and behaviors to be followed in times of a pandemic.

Surprisingly, the hashtag #coronavirus is close to 50 billion views on TikTok – and 11 billion for # covid19 – … although not all of them post good advice since, as on other networks, “what matters is” Views “.

With the need for proven information and educational content emerging, many associations and organizations have turned to the game to adapt its “serious” content to clients curious about novelties, into a short format focused on contests and dances – such as the #SafeHands Challenge.

The famous and British inventor Lucy Rogers And explain How does soap kill the virus or The Latin origin of the Coronavirus. There’s even a file page From the “Tiktokian” community shows how the scientific community that appears online is likely to offer other ideas about content to all those who wish to inject serious scientific information.

It was launched in 2016 on the platform Musically By a Chinese company ByteDanceThis app now has more than 500 million users. Its growth was meteoric, he remembers this Article The new worldWith over 3 million new content added in January every day!

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TikTok’s success is based on its amazing and fast-paced aspect – videos are usually 10 to 60 seconds long. The challenge remains to deliver more serious content within a community that promises to “Make Your Day”!

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