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Tim Benz: “Broadcasting grievances” after the Steelers’ horrific loss to Bengals; Big Ben, Jojo, defense fading

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Much about the idea that Steelers’ trip to Cincinnati was “Get the game right. “I suppose this is what it looks like when a” getting to the right position “error occurs.

11-2 Steelers went to Cincinnati 2-10-1 and lost 27-17 in one of the worst defeats under Mike Tomlin Ben Rothlesberger.

And this says something. Because, boy, there was a lot of Daisies on that list.

It might take up The Miracle of Festivus To win the Steelers again for the rest of the season.

If they can’t defeat the Cincinnati Bengals with a Series Three midfielder or the Washington soccer team without a title, and fight against the Baltimore Ravens without a third of their roster, then how will they defeat the Indianapolis Colts or the Cleveland Browns the next two weeks?

Not to mention which team hits them in the qualifiers.

That’s assuming the NFL is not pulling back a counter-version of what Big Ten did with Ohio State. Commissioner Roger Goodell may change the rules late in the season and return to only allow six teams per conference in the qualifiers, only to sideline the Steelers.

Honestly, if the Steelers were to play for Ohio next week, I’d have Buckeyes – 7 points.

The Steelers have now lost three in a row. It probably should have been four in a row. They didn’t look fragile in five weeks.

Therefore, there are a lot of things to come to light in this week’s “broadcasting grievances”. Just keep Festival pole Away from JuJu Smith-Schuster. Maybe he’ll start dancing around it.

Until you install Ryan Finley, Festivus isn’t done yet. Let’s babble!

Bad Bin: Steelers Quarterback Ben Rothlesberger was terrible. shocking. Se. One of the worst matches of his Steelers career.

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It was a 20 of 38 for 170 yards, landing and interception. His pedestrian rating was 62.4. His average yards per attempt was 4.5.

When the receivers were open so deeply, he threw them. When the receivers were operating on transit patterns underneath, he threw it behind. When the receivers were open to intermediate roads, he knocked them down.

Roethlisberger threw into traffic, tripped in a snap and got passes that landed on the melee streak. According to “Monday Night Football” broadcast, Roethlisberger had 19 yards in the first half, which was his worst career of any half of his career. The crew also said it missed its first seven passes of 10 yards or more.

But I know, I know. His arm and knee are fine. And they don’t often throw the ball out of the field out of advantage in this great short-passing game, right?


If there was no objection by William Jackson in the second half that would have made Ike Taylor blush, Rothlisberger’s streak would have been worse.

Earlier in the day, ESPN’s Adam Shifter filed a report saying that Ben Rothlisberger wants to return next year. Three weeks ago, that sounded like a good, no-brainer roundup.

Now, at $ 41m versus next year’s cap, I’m not sure.

Everyone else: It wasn’t just Rothlesberger. The whole crime was corrupt.

Coordinator Randy Fichtener’s attack strikes or flips the ball on eight successive powers to start the match. There wasn’t much separation from the Steelers’ receivers. And when that happened, Rothlisberger was usually disqualified.

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The offensive line failed to impress with the running game averaging just 3.7 yards per lunge. Carl Lawson dominated a bag and six quarterback strikes.

The team was 5 to 18 in relegations, lost time in possession battle and averaged an ugly 3.9 yards per game.

Diminished defenseAs the attack failed, the defense began to falter more and more.

Co-ordinator Keith Butler’s group gave 27 points to a team that had a midfield player from Series Three under Center Center and had only 50 points overall in their last five matches. It has allowed all three Bengal mutations to become tens.

Meanwhile, the previously happy Steelers’ defense could not force a single player on the Bengals, who took 22 in-game gifts. Only five clubs have had more this season.

Additionally, the Bengals allowed 46 bags, second only to the Philadelphia 59. The Steelers only had two. Not impressed by the league leaders with a score of 45 in that category.

The Steelers also abandoned 47 yards dashing into Finlay from center center, including a 23-yard drop.

This culminated in a terrible lead in which the Steelers allowed Cenci to walk 80 yards in nine plays and extend their lead 17-10 to 24-10. The Steelers really needed to stop there, and the Bengals virtually decided the match at that point.

I just have to dance: One of the Steelers’ broad recipient, Jojo Smith Shuster, said he would continue dancing on the midfield crest in opposing stadiums. Although there are players Invoices And Bengals He recently expressed his displeasure at having done so.

But Smith Shuster did it again anyway before the match.

How did that end? Well, von Belle safety of Bengals – whom Smith Shuster had warned would be beaten if he danced on the logo – he punched JuJu directly over her in the first quarter, causing a spin.

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Much like Josh Allen and Beals’ Twitter account, Cincinnati noticed.

And so did Bill.

But I know, I know. “There is no such thing as a material bulletin board.”

December strikesInjuries continue to mount.

Vince Williams is no longer on the covid-19 list. James Conner couldn’t play due to a quadruple injury. Derek Watt appeared to have suffered a concussion while interfering with a kick in the first quarter. And Eric Ebron hurt his back.

Since it was “Muppets Night” on the ESPN broadcast, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew could possibly land the case and clone some of the Best Steelers to fill the void from now until the Indianapolis Colts match.

Dew should feel lucky. since it is He has no eyesHe didn’t even have to watch that terrible performance from the Steelers in the first place.

Unfortunately, the rest of us did.

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