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Baker Mayfield plays in the Pro Bowl clip of the last 4 games

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CLEVELAND, OH – Baker Mayfield didn’t make the Pro Bowl in its third season in the NFL, but it sure has been playing one of the Pro Bowl matches in its last four matches.

During this span, Brown went 3-1 on his way to 10-4, and Mayfield threw a 10 touchdown against just one interception. He has also completed 70% of his passes, with a rating of 117.7.

The hot spill, which included wins over Jaguar, the Titans and Giants and a loss to the Ravens placed him at 11th in the NFL with a rating of 99.4. That’s 13 points higher by the Sore Quartet, when it reached 90.0.

Three ratings above 100.0 are included, and the Browns are 15-1 in Mayfield’s career when he publishes a rating over 100.0. Those ratings were 116.7, 147.0, and 126.2.

During Sunday night’s 20-6 win over the Giants (5-9), Mayfield set a club record for achievement ratio of 84.3 for players with at least 25 attempts. For players who have had at least 15 attempts, it is the third best mark in team history.

“Baker was really sharp,” said coach Kevin Stefansky. “[But] Achievement rate isn’t a perfect statistic for telling the full story. Number 1, we didn’t have any drops last night and we had some contested catches, and that plays its role.

“Teams who play in a large area where they work in the lower regions with a high section play their role. Over the course of a bunch of ball games we have seen that he put the ball in narrow windows – I think of Jarvis [Landry’s] Falling last night. It’s an all-in-one statistic and really a statistic for the team between Baker and the players on the receiving end. “

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But Stefansky did not concede that Mayfield’s accuracy is improving.

He said, “I had to really study it over the season.” “One of his strong suits is his accuracy.”

With James Bradbury in the newly leveled Pro Bowl – tied to the top of the league with 17 assists – seated at home on the Giants’ COVID-19 reserve roster, Mayfield opted for secondary patching, who demonstrated safety in Julian Love’s moving night, corner back in Isaac Yadom, who had sat for three games earlier this season. The Giants played region, but it was not a match for Mayfield & Company.

Safety Giants Logan Ryan said: “It definitely changed some things.” “You can’t replace James Bradbury, but everyone has to come forward in a different way by doing more. Honestly, we raise our hats to brown. I think our coverage was tight. They did some contested catches. We really got ourselves to stop the running match, which is what we did.” But we weren’t very good at third or in the red, which is, ostensibly, how you win soccer matches.

With Mayfield’s precision, protection, and offensive-packed crime, his reserve defensive backs no longer have any chance against him – especially with a gameplay action that works perfectly as if he’s against giants.

Ryan said, “The hat is for a baker.” “He played well today, and if we didn’t respect him before, we definitely enjoy him now. He was one of the most qualified midfielders we’ve faced this year.

The Giants, who only pressed Mayfield in eight out of 33 backsliders, aren’t the only team to say so recently.

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In fact, the teams at Mayfield since the start of the season when they were close to Stefanski’s attack learning curve so far are staggering. In the first six weeks, he ranked 28th with a passing score of 57.3 among footballers who started quarterback, according to Since then, he’s ranked second after Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers at 91.9.

Against the Giants, Mayfield (27 of 32, 297 yards, 1 bag, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, rating 126.2) all midfielders in Week 15 with a score of 92.4, the highest in his career.

His score was on throws over 10 yards, thanks in large part to his action play, the second-best score of the season. He completed 12 of 14 for 189 yards and two TDs on his 10 yard attempts, with four big throws.

Mayfield was so effective that it rose to fifth place in the ESPN’s QBR Rankings with a score of 76.6. He’s in some of the Top Five with Rodgers, Patrick Mahmiz from Kansas City, Josh Allen from Buffalo, and Ryan Tannhill from Tennessee, and some of them might even meet in the qualifiers.

“We didn’t want him to extend his plays,” said Ryan. “We didn’t want him out of pocket, we think he’s really cool at that. We sold everything we had to stop the race, made Baker Mayfield a pocket midfielder, and he was very effective at that. He played really well.”

If he continues to do so, anything could happen when they get past the season.

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