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Tinder launches two new features in France

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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In addition to the multiple tools offered for user protection and its Trust & Safety program, Tinder is launching two new features: Does this bother you? (DTBY) Are you sure? (AYS).

Thanks to these tools that integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence, Tinder has been able to set up a more secure interface. They are known for their performance in other markets, does that bother you? Are you sure? Allow for the creator An application to enhance the anti-harassment approach.

Is this an inconvenience to you? et Are you sure? : functionnement

As soon as a conversation logs an inappropriate message, DTBY? Allows the recipient to be notified if he or she wishes. With the first tests, the statistics show a 46% increase in reports. This result proves that users feel more confident with support in their approach.

As for AYS, it is a preventative solution that intervenes before the message is sent. In fact, its role is to inform the sender of the potentially offensive content of his message. The idea is to encourage them to review these words and make wiser choices regarding the words and phrases to use in particular. According to the numbers, ays? Promoted a 10% reduction in offensive language in messages sent.

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