Titres en action: CP, DFDS, Google, Apple

Here is a selection of the ads that have (or will) move the prices of these companies:

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Mexican regulators have approved Canadian security (CP, $72.50) to acquire the Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS). The railways say the deal has received approval from Mexico’s Federal Economic Competition Commission and Mexico’s Federal Communications Institute. Calgary-based Canadian Pacific has agreed to buy KCS in a $31 billion deal, including $3.8 billion in debt. CP and KCS shareholders are expected to vote on the proposed transaction on December 8 and 10, 2021, respectively. Canadian Pacific expects the US Land Transportation Board’s review of the agreement to be completed in the last quarter of next year. The US regulator has already agreed to use the voting credit for the deal that will allow KCS shareholders to receive payments after the two companies’ shareholders have approved the transaction, but before it receives final approval.

Danish shipping company DFDS (DFDS.CO, DKK $316.20), suspected of colluding with P&O to distort shipping competition, on Friday defended a “technical deal” with the British company and promised to cooperate with French investigators. France’s competition authority on Thursday announced “complaints” against the two companies, which it suspects have improperly agreed to distribute customers to transport goods through channels. On May 25, they announced a “reciprocal space lease agreement for their vessels operating on the Calais-Dover line,” targeting land transportation customers. “DFDS would like to make it clear that this is indeed a technical agreement that makes it possible to reduce waiting times for our customers and queues at ports,” noted Jean-Claude Charlot, Director General of France’s DFDS. He said in a press statement, “We will, of course, cooperate with the competition authority and submit all the required documents,” noting that the authority “has not reached any conclusion at this stage of a violation of the law and an open mind at this stage.” Asked by AFP, P&O, which is based in the UK, declined to comment.

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On Friday, the Italian competition police imposed a fine of 20 million euros on google browser (GOOG, $2,872) et al An apple (AAPL, $128.14), split evenly between the two companies, due to improper business practices. Italian antitrust established “the two companies violated consumer law twice, first by failing to provide sufficient information (to their customers, editor’s note), and second by aggressive practices in using consumer data for commercial purposes,” the statement read. Noting that the two digital giants collect information from their customers, the antitrust “has demonstrated that neither Google nor Apple provide clear and immediate information on obtaining and using their users’ data for commercial purposes,” according to the same source. Regarding the second offense, the competition policeman denounced an “aggressive practice” on the part of the two companies. Google, for example, is accused of pre-installing at the stage of creating an account “the user’s acceptance of the transfer and use of his private data for commercial purposes.” This “pre-activation allows the transfer and use of data by Google (…) without the need for other paragraphs during which the user can confirm or modify his choice,” the press release said.

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