Common mistakes to avoid while traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic turned the love of people who like travelling into a nightmare. Starting from the very beginning, the process of traveling has now become more complex and requires a little bit of research before you book that awaited dream flight ticket to your favourite destination. 


If you are a lucky person that has a flight ticket booked, no matter how, whether it was gifted to you, you bought it yourself, or perhaps you are looking for ways to spend that money that you won playing casino games on casinos such as PlayAmo on a trip. You are in the right place. 


When the Covid 19 pandemic was announced, many countries saw their Airports be being closed for months, especially in the EU. Hundreds of flights were cancelled, and many people that were already on a holiday abroad found themselves stuck, without knowing when they would be able to return. 


For example, in Maldives, more than 2000 tourists were denied return to their countries at the beginning of this pandemic. It may sound like a dream to be stuck on such an island, but things are not that simple, especially for the single one or couples that calculated their budget for a week or two trip, and not a few months. 


Due to this, many people got scared of traveling, but should you really be afraid to travel? We will help you to get rid of this fear if you are one of those people, and for the ones that aren’t, our tips may help you to better organize your dream trip and avoid problems. 

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The first thing we should do is to find out which country is the one we want to visit. It’s natural when we think of traveling. Then we usually search for things such as: hotels, how many hours of flight, cities, points of interest, and the local food. This was what we used to normally search in order to plan a trip until the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Things changed, but what exactly changed? 


One of the first things that changed and that is creating big problems is the fact that nowadays, because of this pandemic, some countries are closed for tourists and others not, so quite a few people booked their flights and saw themselves being denied boarding a flight or being denied entrance in a country upon arrival. 


For example, Brazilian people nowadays can’t travel to Europe, unless they have a residence permit or citizenship of any of the Eu countries. In the meantime, citizens from Europe can travel to the United Kingdom. So, this is all because of the pandemic and its rules when it comes to traveling abroad.


The second thing we need to keep in mind is the covid-19 tests (PCR). In case you are wondering , these tests are performed to detect any kind of genetic material from a certain or specific organism, such as a virus, in this case, to detect if you are infected with covid-19. 


Now that we know for what purpose those tests are, we can mention that all countries nowadays are requiring you to do such tests. But what changes in each country it’s the amount of times that you need to do the test. Some countries require a couple of tests, other countries require it where you will start the trip and others require it upon arrival. Some may ask for tests during the period of stay. 

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Now the third thing we need to check is, which are the countries that require quarantine which do not? It’s no surprise that many travellers are getting confronted with this. 


So we cannot just simply check out the ticket price and start the trip, all these things that we mentioned here, are important to consider. Things don’t stop here, there are other things that need your attention too. After all, you don’t want to turn your dream trip into a nightmare. 



We can’t just calculate the travel costs based on the amount of days of our stay, we need to plan this adding the unforeseen, in other words, in case of another lockdown and airports close as we see happening oftenly, you will have to spend more. 



Laws are also one thing to consider when you are traveling abroad now. If you think that we are talking about researching the laws of the country where you are, you got it completely wrong.


As we mentioned before, apart from everything that we mentioned. You need to check the rules that the country you are traveling to has added in order to control the covid-19. Each country has their own laws, and that will depend on the date and month of the year.


Many countries have such information available on their government websites, usually they have a list where we can see the list of the most affected and so on. This needs to be a priority on your checklist. It will help you to decide and to find out if it’s really a good idea to travel to that country.

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At the moment, we have vaccines that at first sight promise to bring some hope for the future. At the moment governments are discussing about vaccine passports for the those who were vaccinated to make their life easier, not just for travelling.


Now that we know all that we need to check before booking a flight ticket, what about the accessories we will need? Masks, masks, more masks, after all you can’t enter a shop nowadays without one, so we believe that you will not forget that. But just in case you do, we are mentioning it here. 



Everything starts with research. If you ever have doubts about something, don’t hesitate to go on Google and do some research regarding the things that we mentioned in this article. Proper research will definitely help you to achieve success on your dream trip. And to finalize our article, we would like to ask you to please, make sure you don’t miss your flight. We wish you a great trip.


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