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Windows 11, Microsoft is improving and improving the start menu

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Windows 11 introduces important changes to the Start menu. There’s been a lot of talk about this “major” update so Microsoft doesn’t miss an opportunity to improve its experience and fix bugs.

Windows 11 build 22563 It specifically introduces improvements and a series of bug fixes. This preview has been available for a few days through the Windows Insider DEV channel. Microsoft states that it has fixed a lot of problems.

For example, the bug that caused a crash when sharing an app from the All apps list has been fixed. The fix addresses an issue where startup is inconsistent with the new touch gestures. The standby icon has also been fixed while adding or removing recommended items that come with a new entry or exit animation.

The screen also benefits from optimization. We find ambiguous effect correction of application names in folders which makes them difficult to read.

Windows 11 and Start Menu

Microsoft summarizes

“When new recommended items are added or removed, their icons will be animated so that they fade and disappear. The sleep icon in the power menu no longer appears as a bell. We fixed an issue that caused the apostrophe to not display the power button tooltip correctly. App names in folders were no longer blurry for a while. Brief when opening folders in the home screen. We fixed a crash when sharing an app from the All apps list.”

Many of these fixes should find their way into the consumer version of Windows 11. Microsoft is no longer waiting for a feature update to be released to roll out this kind of content. So it’s not impossible that all of this small world could be served by a new cumulative update.

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