to see | “Young people make a big difference” – Guy LaFleur

A special guest was among the 2,500 spectators present at the Bell Center for the third duel of the Canadiens-Jets Series. He met Jay LaFleur a few minutes before the disc fell, confessing his admiration for the contribution of young wolves to CH.

“Young people make a huge difference. Number 22, Cole Caufield, I think he’s over the disc a lot, though. He should throw more. He’s very talented and I think he’ll be in Montreal for a few years,” according to blond demon.

Canadians are self-confident and never give up. They did a very good streak against the Maple Leafs. Maybe people were expecting them not to win matches in Winnipeg and they showed that they really wanted to win,” added the former Lone Blanc Rouge.

When asked about his condition, the person who made it rain and shine during his time in Montreal and lifted the precious Stanley Cup five times had good news for the fans.

“It’s going really well, like Canadians,” he replied with a smile.

Sainte-Flanelle’s former glory used the Stanley Cup pass in Montreal, just before the day, to raise money for his cancer research foundation.

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