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Top 10 best board games in 2023

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Family board games are a great way to melt the ice, whether it’s an end-of-year party or a get-together with people you haven’t seen in a while. With so many options available, from strategy games to social games that involve singing or drawing, it can be difficult to find the right game for you and your friends. We’ve covered board games before, including the best two-player board games, board games for the whole family, and games for kids. Now we’ve rounded up the best board games for adults that have been rated by the most enthusiastic critics.

This list does not include games like poker or blackjack: they are well known to many, and we would like to introduce you to something new. However, if you are a fan of gambling and like to play, we can recommend you to try online casino games such as mines game, plinko, poker or blackjack. You will find classic card games that you are familiar with, and online games will allow you to play even when you don’t have friends around.

10.Cards Against Humanity

“This is not a game for kids, and it’s definitely not something to play with grandma,” starts one reviewer. “But if you and your friends enjoy laughing at the darker side of life, art, and pop culture… This is the perfect game for your next party.” They’re just one of over 101,000 reviewers giving this game a five-star rating. Many describe it as the adult version of Apples to Apples, with one reviewer explaining, “I tried to play Apples to Apples again after having this for a year, and it’s not even fun compared to this haha.” While many mention that the game is not for the “faint of heart,” that’s part of its appeal. One writes, “It’s raunchy, it’s full of language, it’s inappropriate, it’s HILARIOUS!” Another reviewer says, “It’s the most terrible and irreverent game you’ll ever love.”

9.Hedbanz Adulting

As the name suggests, there’s no board for this game. Instead, each player wears a card on their head using a headband and then asks questions to figure out what their card says. “It was confusing at first, but after playing it a few times, we really got the hang of it,” one player explains. “Our friends love it, and we bring it to every game night! Highly recommend.” Another reviewer says, “You’ll be surprised at how people describe things and the answers they give. I’ve never laughed so much playing a game.” This “Adulting” version is specifically geared towards an older audience, but the biggest indicator that it’s truly an adult-friendly game might be how well it works as a drinking game: “We bought this during the Grand Stay-in, and I can’t recommend it enough. We drank wine and played this game with my family, all together indoors. A nice change of pace from puzzles and card games.”

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8.Catan Board Game

“We play with people ranging from 8 to 72 years old, and it’s enjoyable for all so far. We did about 10 games the first weekend we finally opened the box,” says one reviewer. Over 17,000 people have given this game a five-star rating, with many highlighting how fun and easy it is to learn. “The strategy is simple: collect resource cards (sheep, bricks, stones, wheat, and wood) to build settlements, develop roads, and ultimately construct cities,” one reviewer explains. “Resources can be traded with other players, and rewards can be claimed (longest road, largest ‘army’), and as you progress in the territory-building process, the first player to reach ten points wins.” Another says, “The game is easy to pick up, and the rules are straightforward.” But it’s probably the strategy that makes this game exciting, as about 10% of the five-star reviewers mention. Many agree that the game plays best with three or four people, and at least one reviewer appreciates that you can play as little or as long as you want: “I feel like Catan is the best choice for game length. I’ve played games as short as 15 to 20 minutes and as long as two hours. Either way, time flies.”

7.Hasbro Clue Game

“It’s a classic game that everyone should have in their closet,” says one reviewer. Another calls it a “great family game” and admits that even though they never played it as a child, it’s still enjoyable as an adult, calling it “fun for adults” and a great way to spend time together. A reviewer who played it as a child says, “This game brings me back to my youth. I’m so glad I can share it with my daughter. It’s a fantastic family game, and we really love it.” Some familiar with the classic felt taken aback by the new character that had been added in this version of the game, saying it ruined the game’s integrity, but most didn’t mind, like one who writes, “As long as we still have Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett, I’m happy.”

6.Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride

Over 2,500 five-star reviews call this board game “fun,” with one noting, “The rules are a bit complex but make for a very enjoyable game. You really get into it. Once you understand some of the strategies, it becomes even more fun.” According to another, part of the fun is that the game is quick: “The game is easy to learn and moves along quickly. You don’t have to spend 30 minutes pondering a strategy; you can start buying trains early on.” Because it’s an easy game to learn, many enjoy playing it with family. But many reviewers say this game is great for playing with a group of adults. “Once we learned to play, we were able to quickly and simply explain the rules to our 9-year-old daughter in a matter of minutes. Originally, we bought this game for her,” writes one customer, but admits, “But to be honest, my husband and I enjoyed playing it so much that I think we played it four times more than she did.” And as this reviewer concludes, “Overall, it’s a really fun game that can be enjoyed with just about any group. It’s strategic enough to hold your interest while being simple enough to teach in five minutes.”

5.Adult Loaded Questions

“This game was supposed to kick off a night of various board games, but we ended up playing it for hours,” admits one satisfied reviewer. Another considers it “one of the most enjoyable board games ever” and explains, “I’ve only played this version, but the wacky answers our friends came up with blew my mind.” Many even think this game is better than Cards Against Humanity, like one who says, “We all agree that this game was much more fun because you give your own answers. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as when playing this game.” And as this reviewer concludes, “this version takes it up a notch with questions that are downright adult in nature (like ‘What could you do to ruin a sexual moment?’) and others that could be adult depending on how you interpret them (like ‘What’s a lesson you had to learn the hard way?’). Don’t buy this book if you’re prudish or fidgety, because you’ll be bored.”


“Excellent for a small group, a short strategy game. It plays quickly and moves fast for the most part,” says one reviewer. Dozens of others say it’s a quick game to play, with one noting, “It’s a captivating game that lasts a short time and has beautiful visual design. It has become a favorite in our family, perfect for cold winter evenings around the fireplace.” Another says they didn’t like it at first, “but after a few rounds, it becomes very addictive,” adding, “Now we play game after game. The only downside is that the number of players is limited to 4. Nonetheless, the rounds are quite fast, so you can take turns or even play as a team if you have a larger family.” And this reviewer concludes, “My family plays a lot of board games. This game is the most popular of all the ones I’ve owned.”

3.One Night Ultimate Werewolf

“It’s an excellent quick board game. We have it with a few expansions. Our group usually ranges from 5 to 9 people. Almost everyone enjoys pulling out One Night from time to time,” writes one reviewer. Another who “plays almost every week” thinks that “if you enjoy social deduction games, you have to have this one. The game also plays very fast, so if you don’t like your character, you can be someone else in a few minutes.” Many appreciate that it’s easy to understand so young children can play, like one who adds, “Oh my goodness, this is an awesome game. We play it with my husband and me, and three kids aged 12, 10, and 7. So many good moments of laughter! It’s very easy to learn. We didn’t know some of our kids could lie so well. Although we already knew it, it was confirmed that our 7-year-old will grow up to be a very successful CEO or lead a very successful gang. She’s very convincing and influential.”

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2.Hasbro Risk Game

While many reviewers find this game fun, they warn that it takes a lot of time to play. “Fantastic game. I played it with my husband, a 9 and 11-year-old child. We all enjoyed it. It took a long time to finish the game, like, over a week, but still fun.” Another bought this game for their father, admitting that they “might regret it because he’ll want to start wars all the time. And it’s not a ‘short’ game. But he loves it.” Another reviewer simply appreciates the fact that their whole family can enjoy this game, noting, “A hit for family game night. This is a great edition of Risk with multiple different ways to play in one game. My kids, whose ages vary greatly, had a great time playing. We have a family game night once a week, and Risk is definitely added to our rotation.”

1.Stonemaier Games Wingspan

Unlike other board games on the list, the ornithology game Wingspan offers a solo option, which many reviewers appreciate. One of them plays alone with multiple boards and enjoys that the game is “so beautiful, so fun, and so different every time.” Another reviewer (who reports that the game “also plays very well with 2, 3, or 4 people with minimal change in the quality of the experience”) says that their daughter has played the solo version “many times and enjoys it.” Others highlight the educational aspect of the game, including an ornithologist who enjoys playing alone and with friends. By playing, one gets to know “the habitats, diets, and markings of birds,” explains a reviewer who has “become a bird enthusiast” since playing it.


In our list of the best family board games, we have curated 19 games that you should consider playing. All of these games can be purchased on Amazon or any other online retailer. We hope that our article has been helpful to you. We also want to emphasize that there are many other great games out there that deserve your attention. If you don’t find your favorite game here, rest assured that we will update the list in the near future. Happy gaming!


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