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Towards the first ice fishing season in three years at L’Anse-Saint-Jean

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Mild temperatures and weather conditions have affected the ice cover and forced the season to be canceled for the past two years.

The cold of last week gives hope to those in charge of the activity and the municipality decided at the beginning of the week to proceed with the preparation of the site, notes the municipal councilor Yvan Cote, who is in charge of the file and who is also the secretary of the treasurer of Zeke Anse Saint-Jean.

« With the cool they announced, yeah, we’re expecting there will be a season [pêche sur] ice. We go a little further, because we made the decision to do the same ice bridge with the municipality. »

Quote from Evan Kot

The ice is 6 inches thick, near the municipal pier, and 10 inches, near the Anse de Tabatière sector, according to the latest measurements taken on Sunday.

Measurements were taken in sectors where the ice remained, after most of the cover was swept away in Anse-Saint-Jean last week. The ice cover was also lost before the holiday due to high winds.

More than 120 cabins are expected

Evan Kott returned with ZEC volunteers from the first day of preparation of the ice bridge by the contractor, during the interview on Tuesday afternoon. The work, which will continue tomorrow, has attracted many curious people eager to reconnect with winter activity at Saguenay Fjord.

There is an economic impact that is brought on. And then, with little to no entertainment to offer, as well as a pandemic, the world was eager to begin, confirms the municipal councilor.

The ice bridge began to be equipped with an excavator, on Tuesday, in preparation for the ice fishing season in Lance-Saint-Jean.

Image source: zec Anse-Saint-Jean

The ice fishing season could have been canceled for the third year in a row very criticalIt is reported, while fishermen in the strip have shifted to other locations in recent years.

The next step will then be to determine the path and fishing areas. The next steps should be taken at the end of this week.

It is hoped to go up to the huts the following weekend, January 29-30, if 12 inches of ice is reached.

More than 120 snowboard huts should be installed in Anse Saint-Jean, the Anjeannois consultant estimates.

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