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Full screen: 41 stadiums to watch for free

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The sixth edition of the Plein(s) Ecran(s) Short Film Festival returns this year with a huge selection of 41 short films to watch for free – new – on an additional platform.

Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne

In fact, the festival has been running since its inception on Facebook and Instagram. But the organizers decided to add a platform: a platform for them! From January 12-23, festival programming will be available on the festival website ( and two social media pages.

The concept will remain the same: every day, festival-goers will be able to watch four short films published online for free. These four works will be replaced by four new ones the next day, and so on.

All the films shown here already had a ceremonial life. But they can all be accessed for free, which is the signature of the event. The programming is of high quality. We will find there for example Big slaps by Annie St-Pierre and frost By Marianne Farley, two shorts are still in the race for the Oscars.

court Gotl Written by Alexa Jane Dube, starring Pierre Korzy and Marie Théveau, will open the festival. The film follows the journey of an elderly couple possessed by their own demons, who return to their former residence on a journey steeped in nostalgia and mystery.

lampshade Olivier Cote will also be the closing movie, in which four teenagers participate in a thrilling nightly bowling alley.

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Other titles include There is no time for a womanA short documentary by Sarah El-Abed, who won a wonderful festival, Looking forward to the trash by Romain Dumont, where three garbage collectors are going to dine with the Prime Minister of Canada, and In the shade of pine trees, an animated film directed by Anne Koizumi that explores the director’s difficult relationship with her father.

All of these films and many others enter the Quebec competition category. The festival has other sections. Thus, only eight short films will be presented on the pleinsecrans Instagram page, spokeswoman Julianne Côté will participate in a live discussion with the audience and a commission of your choice will be presented to the Wallonia-Brussels cinema.

Finally, on January 22, we will have to follow the meeting between director Maxime Giroud and cinematographer Sarah Machara. authorized Nürburg Based on the financial scandal of the same name, Mr. Gero’s next film (Felix and MiraAnd great darkness) in Quebec in 2022. A talented director of photography who has worked with Mr. Gero in the past, Sarah Mishara has also co-wrote the feature film drunk birds Ivan Gerbovich, and made him director of photography. The film was released in theaters in the fall, and was an unsuccessful nomination for Canada in the Oscar race for Best International Film.

Since the founding of Plein(s) Ecran(s), which comes just in time when movie theaters close again, about 10 million views have been recorded.

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