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Trapped in a Cave for 40 Days of Science, Where’s the Experience?

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Deep Time is the crazy experience launched by explorer Christian Klot. Since March 14 and for 40 days, fifteen volunteers have been held in Lombrivs Cave. Mid-term reactions to this unusual adventure.

in a 6-8And Sophie Brims He returned to this project born from the Coronavirus Crisis in order toAnalysis of the effect of confinement on humans.

It is located in one of the largest caves in Europe and located in Pyrenees Which is confined here twenty days Fifteen volunteersSeven women and eight men, ages 27 to 50. “They really have Different features Because there’s a jeweler in particular, a math teacherAnd Mountain guide, etc.Before adding:

They are truly cut off from the world. There is only one airlock in which they can take out their waste. They have food, something to sleep on, artificial light, etc. But it has There is no contact with the world. No watch, no phone, time is outSophie Brims recalled.

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Results Christian Clot

Thanks to airlock and midway, expedition leader Christian ClotAlso, confined notes complete Lack of synchronization at sleep levelInside the group:We have no time, no schedule or access to sunlight, so we’re talking about a cycle. A cycle that corresponds to the period of wakefulness and the period of sleep It’s equivalent to 24 hours outside, but for us, we don’t really know how long it lasts. I’m in cycle nine, for example, but we’re out of sync, with some in cycle seven and others in cycle ten.“, It is to explain.

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If the weather remains good and everyone is doing their tasks and activities, Explorer A. Significant temperature drop : “I must say it was cooler than expected. We are only at 10 degrees instead of 12 degrees we imagined and at 100% humidity instead of the 95% expected. It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, but I can tell you we’ve seen it aggressively. This drop in temperature, the more it is low, characterizes us all, there is more and more sleepiness. It A kind of aggression of nature against our bodiesHe continued.

The objectives of this experiment

Sponsored and supported by several universities, the projectDeep time“It is the first experience of its kind where many people gather for a long time under these conditions:”Michelle Siver, A French explorer also stayed in a cave for 100 days to make it Internal clock testsBut he was alone, Specifies the columnist.

Deep Time is also a scientific experiment whose objectives revolve around three axes:

  • How does a person deal with this? ConfusionWhen you are subjected to a new situation of severe confinement?
  • How our brain perceives this Time management without standards ?
  • How can a human group live in Closed space By not knowing each other?
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These are results that could be used in the event of another pandemic, even if we were not hoping for, but also at Other areas such as space For future trips to Mars or the Moon. It can also be used At the defense levelHow long can we stay in a submarine, for example? “The writer ends.

Equipped with multiple sensors whose data will be analyzed by scientists, the fifteen participants will see daylight again on April 23.

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