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Traveling with oriental music

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This orchestra has 16 musicians, but sometimes the band rehearses in smaller groups. The co-founder of the orchestra, Pierre Langevin, recalls with great enthusiasm his first meeting with the masterful teacher and musician of Tunisian origin Chaker Ben Abdelaziz.

Pierre Langevin noticed the new concert hall at the Arquemuse Music School, now located in the Saint-Roch district. When I got home, I saw that there was a little flyer; Marked “Oriental Music Cycle”. While inquiring, he learned that Shakir bin Abdulaziz was giving lessons there. Their understanding is immediate. Artistic Director of Production Strada is full of praise for a man who describes him as a superstar in his field.

He worked as a professor at the Conservatory of Music in Tunis. He went to a private conservatory. He found himself here in all circumstances, but he is one of the masters of Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese and international music., confirms Pierre Langevin.

Orchestra conductor and musical director of oriental music in Quebec, Chaker Ben Abdelaziz

Photo: Radio Canada/Valerie Cloutier

Chaker Ben Abdelaziz arrived in Quebec in 2018. He is proud of being able to share his knowledge here with musicians of different nationalities.

Music is universal. If we’re going to talk about music, we’ll get together. This is because we love each other. It’s very important. It creates a great atmosphere, explains the musical director of the Orchester de Musique Orientale de Québec.

We bring all cultures with us in this music, and it feels good. You see the result, but behind the result, there are a lot of things. My job is to make them hear how we do this, to add the maestro, who also teaches oriental music to younger children, at his school Les Mélomanes located on rue Marguerite-Bourgeoys.

On November 27 and 28, several ancient instruments, such as the oud, the lute, the darbuka and the tar, will resonate on stage in the Concert Hall of the Arquemuse School, marking the first concerts of the orchestra. de Quebec. The band will perform, among other things, pieces composed between 1920 and 1960.

It’s a golden period because there were a lot of musicians. There are poets who worked with composers day and night, to add the conductor and music director who wants to honor the creators of this rich period of oriental music.

Shaker bin Abdulaziz promises beautiful surprises, and singing will occupy a great place in these parties. Not to forget a piece that bridges the gap between a work by Mozart and a piece by Tunisian composer Hedi Jouini. This musical blend of Western and Eastern music expresses eloquently [qu’]we can meet; We can talk to each other and sit together. can we talk. It’s living togetherAnd concludes Shaker bin Abdulaziz.

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