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Wilfred Nancy is ready to take over CF Montreal

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Thierry Henry’s departure, four days before the training camp opened, forced management to hand the team over to a representative on an interim basis. So Nancy inherited him while awaiting the appointment of a new coach, a role the 43-year-old had been hoping for.

Today, of course, I feel ready. The aim is primarily to stabilize the club and the players. I am very happy to take charge of the team on a temporary basisNancy says bluntly.

I’m not saying I’ll be the coach anytime soon. Maybe now, maybe later. I do not know. I am very satisfied with that, everything is clear with the team. I can’t wait to lead this team because for me it’s a natural progression.

Wilfred Nancy, assistant coach of Montreal Club

She was first in charge of various trainings at the Montreal Academy from 2011 to 2015, then Nancy jumped with the first team as Mauro Bello’s assistant. Despite the four changes the coach has made since arriving in 2016, he has never lost his spot.

The main interested party also feels fortunate to have been able to work closely with Biello (2016 & 2017), Rémi Garde (2018 & 2019), Wilmer Cabrera (2019) and Henry (2020). Collaborations that prompted him to work on the various concepts of the game in the company of coaches with characters distinguished from each other.

Nancy confirms that it will be there Continuation From the work accomplished by his predecessor Because it is the football that I defend.

I had a lot of good times with Thierry since we had very good discussions about football. With his approval, we were able to have more freedom last year when he was here. We were able to share and express ourselves. What you have with Thierry are the things and values ​​that speak to me. I’m going in this direction.

Wilfred Nancy, assistant coach of Montreal Club

We’ve tried to set it up before with Thierry Henry, so I really believe in it a lot. The idea is to have a proactive and dynamic team, meaning that they are just as aggressive with the ball as they are after losing it., He adds.

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If Henry’s departure surprises him, he understands well the reasons for his decision, which he respects. A rapprochement has developed between citizens over the past few months, so that the two are still in contact.

Two groups to unite

CF Montreal camp started Monday at the Marie Victorin Sports Complex with a reduced workforce. Some players have yet to complete their mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Nancy doesn’t know, this unique situation is causing reality Brain teaser For group coaches, but there is also a challenge ahead Thrilling.

It is part of our job. We will have two groups that will not be at the same level. There’s the first group that we’re working with, we’ve put things in place, and I’m very happy with the way things have gone during the two sessions. From next week, players will arrive […] The goal is for everyone to be equal by the third week.

Wilfred Nancy, assistant coach of Montreal Club

With the fitness period split into two phases this year, players will enjoy seven weeks of preparation before the upcoming campaign kicks off in mid-April. As an indication, the Montreal band has enjoyed a season of nearly a month in 2020.

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