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Trifluvian could hold Guinness World Records on a Nintendo 64 . console

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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A Trifluvian who completed 296 games offered on a Nintendo 64 console earned a Guinness record, while the award has already been given to others for the same achievement, in 2018.

Samuel Girard believes that he has sufficiently completed many of the games presented on the console, and therefore questions the legitimacy of the current owner.

The current world record has been held by a player from the Netherlands since 2018.

However, according to Samuel Gerrard, he wouldn’t have completed all the games the right way, and video guides are in support, while he did.

It would take 5 1/2 years and nearly 3,500 hours of playing when his initial goal was just to introduce them. His collection is complete.

So he contacted the organization to acknowledge his achievement. His request was refused. At least for now.

“I asked them if I could discuss the record with them. Basically, it is in the records that we cannot apply to.

However, many people in the online community recognized him as the only player to have completed everything. For them, he gives himself a lot by broadcasting his matches live.

Some of the 296 games are less fun. The challenge above all was to stay motivated from start to finish. On average, it is watched by about fifty people playing on the online streaming platform Twitch.

“I was up for 29 hours in the same game, on Twitch. It was the longest game in comparison to all the other games on the console. I said I did it once, crap, the weekend. I did it. The only thing that came out of it was that I got sore.” in the tendons,” he said.

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His online games are recorded, his games are well listed, and his exploits are witnessed by many people. He will continue to try to prove his point to the Guinness Book of Records to win the world title.

With the first challenge complete, he’s now switching over to older consoles, the oldest of which dates back to 1972. He wants to complete all the games on each console that include his favorite video game character: Sonic, which has over 400 games in the beginning math.

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