Tucker Wells, the 7-year-old YouTuber who made the flag for fun

every two, international mail Invites you to discover the influencer. This week: American teenager Tucker Wells. Passionate about science since childhood, he is already hosting his own educational channel, launched with the help of his mother, on YouTube.

He’s only 7 years old, but Tucker Wells really exists #1 host of ‘Tucker Time’ educational YouTube channel [avec quelque 200 abonnés à la rédaction de cet article] Guides viewers through creative and easy experiences at home”Regard New Jersey. com.

The young American launched his education channel in December 2020 as a homeschooling project with the help of his mother, Jaime, who is homeschooling her children. Since then, he’s filmed 56 episodes on topics ranging from dry ice science to making elephant toothpaste, and details the local New Jersey news site.

Science magazine evening story

His son’s love of science is nothing new to Jaime Wells. As a little kid, his favorite book he slept on was ‘A Germs and Germs Magazine’ which he charged off the shelf., tell the site on the Internet. And Jaime Wells to clarify:

These weren’t the typical cute bedtime stories he took to bed. He would pick science books off the shelves for us to read.

His appetite for all fields – physics, chemistry, earth sciences, biochemistry and zoology – only grew with age.

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