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TVA accepts Maribier Morian’s request

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TVA has officially withdrawn the nomination for Maripier Morin at the Gala Artis Gala. On Sunday, the presenter and actress asked the network to withdraw her candidacy.

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Marybier Morin had the opportunity to win an Artis Prize for the role of women in Error. She has been cited alongside Sarah Jane Labrouse, Julie Lou Breton, Isabel Richter, and Jilene Tremblay.

His choice, which was unveiled at the beginning of April, sparked strong reactions, especially within the artistic community due to the condemnations of sexual harassment and assault by Safia Nolen nine months ago.

These appointments were the result of a survey of 14,000 people.

Maripier Morin’s withdrawal was not explicitly announced, but, on Facebook, Gala Artis’ official page received some rejected comments, like this: “Keep Maripier Morin nominated. #Jesuislepublic.”

Tired of splitting

to me Everyone is talking about it, To respond to the new charges against her in an article published in Press +Marieper Maureen announced that she has decided to withdraw her candidacy because she is “tired of being split up.”

This is the second time Marybir Maureen has been disqualified from the Gala Artis concert. Last year, the organizers themselves withdrew his nominations.

  • The 36th Gala Artis will be performed on TVA on Sunday 7:30 pm.

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