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Two US police officers expelled for playing Pokemon Go

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Pokemon! Catch them all! “All but the real thieves…

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He remembers. In 2017, Pokémon Go is so in full swing on all phones that we regularly see a rush of players going to specific places, in order to beat bosses in Raid Battles or to try to catch rare Pokémon.

Only, as USA Today reported, in the same year, a request for reinforcement was sent to the Los Angeles Police Department, with the aim of promptly intervening in the robbery. Logically, the officers on duty and available respond are present. At least logically, because two of them, Luis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, willfully ignore this request from one of the leaders, leading to dismissal.

If the case resurfaces today, although it dates back several years, it is because of the recent publication of legal documents relating to this case, in which we find out the reasons for this refusal.

Thus we learned that these two officers refused to respond to the Commander in order to be able to play Pokémon Go. Finally, in their version, they were on foot patrol and did not hear the call, because according to them they were. In a park where the music was loud.

However, the video recordings of their car clearly indicate that they were nearby during the robbery and that Luis Lozano told Eric Mitchell that he did not want to take care of him. Despite a second call from their unit, which has yet to be answered, Officer Lozano said Snorlax had grown up. For the next twenty minutes, they chatted about a Pokémon as they headed to this location to try to capture it.

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Their flight was prolific, as Officer Mitchell managed to capture Snorlax and knew he would make his colleagues jealous. They then decide to continue their momentum by going to capture Togetic Pokémon, which they managed to obtain.

While investigating misconduct, the two officers claimed that they had not played Pokémon Go, only discussing it. Eventually, during testing, they admitted leaving the area they were supposed to work in to capture Snorlax, insisting that she was on extra patrol. (Of course…)

To end this case, Luis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were fired after a unanimous vote. However, they tried to appeal this decision, arguing that the video recording should not have been used as evidence and that they did not have the opportunity to be represented by a lawyer during the hearing.

The appeal was denied on January 7, but, failing to get the thieves over, they caught Snorlax and Togetic.

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