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Windows 11 Build 25115 arrives, all about the “Suggested Actions” functionality?

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This time we’re there, the Windows Insider DEV channel welcomes a new preview of Windows 11 that’s different from the one posted on the Beta channel. Windows 11 Build 25115 is the first step towards the final version of the second feature update of Windows 11. It will be released in the second half of 2023.

In concrete terms, BETA’s focus is on 10:22 PM, which is now considered to be over. It is expected to end this month. Microsoft just started developing work Sun Valley 3 aka 23H2.

Windows 11 Build 25115 introduces a new feature. The label “Suggested Actions” attempts to provide “predictive” to make the operating system smarter. It’s obviously trying to guess what the user wants to do based on a given text. For example, a date highlight in Microsoft Teams indicates that this data is pasted into another app or that an event is scheduled in the calendar.

Windows 11 Build 25115 and Feature

So Microsoft wants to reduce the number of actions needed to perform an action. In our example, selecting the date triggers a prompt to create an event in the calendar. In the same idea, highlighting a phone number triggers an action to call and search for the number on Bing through the Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows 11 Build 25115, many fixes

In parallel, we have many improvements and bug fixes. The company offers an update to the icons in the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) in order to coordinate the appearance. Voice access support is also improving. This is a sound detection feature that allows working on Windows with sound.

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About Troubleshooting System Tray Icons

Paramètres > Personnalisation > barre des tâches

When this page was recently opened.

Similarly, error 0x800703E6 when copying files from Google Drive is becoming a thing of the past. Microsoft says that the performance of File Explorer has been improved. Fixed the error that caused it to crash on CTRL + ALT + DELETE.

Finally, we have fixes about explorer.exe, task manager or even 100% processor usage issue under Windows. You will find all the details at the end of the article.

Changes and improvements


  • We have updated the icons in Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) in this release.



  • The Basic Speech platform has been updated to improve voice activity detection for voice access, live annotations, and voice typing, as well as address some issues with how punctuation is recognized.


  • Fixed an issue with loading system tray icons in Settings > Personalization > Taskbar which could cause Settings to crash when that page was opened recently. This issue may also have caused some explorer.exe crashes for affected insiders.

[File Explorer]

  • Fixed an issue causing Insiders to see error 0x800703E6 when copying files from Google Drive.
  • We’ve made another change to help improve homepage loading performance.
  • Fixed an issue if you had opened the context menu before, doing CTRL + ALT + DEL and cancel would cause explorer.exe to crash.
  • Fixed sporadic explorer.exe crash when closing file explorer windows.


  • Fixed an issue where if settings were stuck, explorer.exe could be locked in certain cases.
  • Improved how Narrator reads the remaining available space in System > Storage.
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[Task Manager]

  • Fixed some issues with using the access key in Task Manager, including being unable to directly press ALT+ without first releasing the ALT key, displaying access keys won’t work after using them and rejecting them.
  • If the CPU reaches 100%, the CPU column header will not become unexpectedly unreadable in dark mode.

[Windows Security]

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Smart App Control to unexpectedly block properly signed apps.


  • Fixed an issue where Memory Integrity would shutdown unexpectedly in some cases after a restart.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the update package package to display installation error 0xc4800010.

known problems


  • [NEW] Some games that use Easy Anti-Cheat may crash or cause your computer to be scanned.

[Live captions]

  • Some full screen applications (for example, video players) prevent live captions from appearing.
  • Some apps placed near the top of the screen will restart and close before the live captions run behind the live captions window placed at the top. Use the system menu (ALT + SPACEBAR) while the application is focused to move the application window down.

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