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Two-year partnership between the Canadian and Team 33

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Most analysts agree on one thing, and that is that Statistics Canada has not been a force under Mark Bergiveen. In fact, it appears that Bergvin simply did not believe in it and preferred to rely on his own recruits and preferences.

It’s different with Gorton and Hughes. So much so that the two captains have just partnered with Team 33. Team 33 is a neutral and independent recruitment service whose main goal is to assign a unique rating to each player associated with an NHL team. This value takes into account salary, survey reports, performance, injury history, and more. What sets Team 33 apart from pure advanced stats is that it all starts on the pitch. Everything is explained in this excellent text by Marc-Antoine Godin from The Athletic.

Well, like Mr. Godin, I find it hard to imagine that a single value can adequately sum all the elements for evaluating a hockey player. But I still see the good in this partnership. First, it is a service that runs independently and then provides access to the data. Yes, Canadians pay to access this data, but it’s not the only NHL team that does. So it gives an outside perspective to the management team to rate the player, which can quickly become very impressive.

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Then, Team 33 can also be used as a tool to target a specific need. Depending on what the team is looking for, Team 33 can produce a list of players that might work and it is then up to the team to decide the best option for them.

But the best thing about this story is that the Canadian has finally found a way to cash in on his fortune. There is no maximum salary for this kind of thing in the NHL. A Canadian can hire as many people and companies as he wants to try to stand out. If it works, it will give the Hab an advantage against the less wealthy teams. If it doesn’t work out, I’m sure Jeff Molson will beat it.

In my opinion, it is at least worth a try.

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