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Ubisoft offers an authorship by Anno, the Epic Games Store kindly gives Prison Architect

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Two games to collect, €40 saving.

From today and for a few more days, two matches will be collected without leaving the playmaker CB. The first is Prison Architect, available on the Epic Games Store; The second is the Anno 1404 History Edition, donated by Ubisoft. The show continues until next Thursday at 5 pm in the first case, until December 14 at 3 pm in the second.

Developed by Double Eleven and Introversion Software, Prison Architect was released in October 2015. The title allows you to manage a prison. “Only the most ruthless prison guards will be able to hold the most ruthless prisoners. At Prison Architect, you will have to design and develop your own custom correctional facility.”

Anno 1404 History Edition is a re-release of the eponymous game released in 2009: “Rediscovering Anno 1404 and its extension, Venice, optimized and optimized for modern operating systems”. It is the fourth major act of the famous franchise. It succeeded the Anno 1701 and was followed by the Anno 2070 in 2011, the Anno 2205 in 2015 and the Anno 1800 in 2019.

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Two low consumption games

In either case, the lower formations are somewhat restorative. To play Prison Architect you need a PC with at least Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz / AMD 3GHz processor; NVIDIA 8600 graphics solution or Radeon equivalent; 6 GB of RAM. The address occupies 400 megabytes of disk space.

The minimum requirements for Anno 1404 are as follows: AMD FX 4130 / Intel Core i3-3220 processor; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD R7265 graphics card; 4 GB of RAM. The required disk space is not specified.

Picture 2: Free Games: Ubisoft offers Anno opus version, Epic Games Store kindly awards Prison Architect

To collect your free copies Dano 1404 History Edition Based on prison engineerFollow the links. They cost 15 and 25 euros respectively outside the promotional period.

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