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UFC-Que-Choisir recommends this sunscreen for the entire family

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It's not just a scoop anymore: to maintain beautiful skin throughout your life, It is essential to never neglect sun protection. Apply it before applying makeup or during certain outings on the beach, as it is an essential step for healthy skin. But with all the different information on the packaging, it's sometimes difficult to know which information is the most important. Here are tips for Choose your best sunscreen.

Every sunscreen product has a protection index that helps protect the skin from UV rays. However, there is no protection that can protect your skin 100% from UV rays. That is why you must respect the recommended times for its use.

What sunscreen has been awarded the UFC-Que-Choisir?

So that we can help you, UFC-Que-Choisir has tested a large number of sunscreen brands. Among those selected, There are those who have managed to do a good job. that it Avene thermal water Very high protection spray SPF 50+. In fact, this spray has been awarded a grade of A. Whether for children, pregnant women or people with sensitive skin, this sunscreen is perfect for the whole family.

How to decipher sunscreen stickers?

Sunscreens are classified according to: Protection level, which you can notice on the product label, through the sun protection factor (SPF), which is also called the protection index. For example, low protection is equivalent to a protection index of 6 to 10. For medium protection, we estimate protection from 15 to 25. 30 to 50 for high protection and 50 for very high protection. Concretely, SPF 50 protection Applying it correctly means your skin will take 50 times longer to suffer from UV damage than it would without protection.

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These are ingredients that should be completely avoided

Although it is essential to apply protection, you should always be careful about the products you choose. Sun creams Use filters that can be organic or mineralBut it turns out that some of them are harmful to your skin. We tell you more.

Organic filters, also called chemical filters, consisting of synthetic molecules that absorb UV rays in a “chemical” way, rather than your skin. Its protection takes effect in approximately 20 minutes. However, it is important to remain vigilant, because Some chemical filters can be allergenic and cause skin irritation.

Instead, choose mineral filters. Mineral filters are made of mineral materials, which are of natural origin and therefore better for your skin. Unlike organic filters, they work by reflecting UV rays through mechanical action. They are then made immediately after application. Mineral filters are generally less likely to cause allergic reactions It is recommended for children as well as sensitive skin.

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