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Gastroenteritis cases surge in Reunion: beware of vulnerable residents

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Cases of gastroenteritis have been observed in medical practices on Reunion Island for several days. A viral and contagious disease that can be dangerous for children and people with comorbidities.

Gastroenteritis returned to Reunion. In recent days, general medicine practices have increased the number of consultations for this reason, as is the case here in the port.

Dr. Veronique Bonusami, general practitioner, sees an average of six patients with gastroenteritis every day, especially severe forms.

I'm getting more and more cases of gastroenteritis, in adults between the ages of 20 and 50 on average.“, says the health professional.

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An intestinal epidemic affects Reunion Island. Many of you are consulting. Reports preparation

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According to the latest epidemiological bulletin issued by French Public Health, for the week from March 11 to 17, 2024, acute gastroenteritis represented 3.2% of the activity of guard doctors on the island that week.

But the number of visits to the emergency room actually rose during the week of March 11-17, at 89 compared to 67 the week before. According to Dr. Ponnusamy's observations, this appears to be gastroenteritis.”Viral and infectious“.

Young children and people with fragile health should be especially monitored. Because the risks of complications are higher in newborns and infants in the event of a serious form, as the general practitioner confirms. ““You should not hesitate to seek advice, especially before six months, and even until the age of two years.”Determines Dr. Veronique Bonusami.

The same applies to elderly people with significant comorbidities, especially diabetes, kidney failure, heart problems, etc., who should also consult a doctor in case of acute gastroenteritis.

What should be alerted? After contracting this viral disease, symptoms can appear quickly, in less than 24 hours. “In general, if viral gastroenteritis occurs, it often gets worse within 24 to 48 hours, which requires seeing a doctor.”The health professional confirms.

“As soon as liquid, mucous, bloody, or abnormal stools appear, which are repeated with severe cramps, fever, and difficulty eating, a doctor should be consulted.”

Dr. Veronique Bonusamy, general practitioner in Port

In addition to these symptoms,Amorphous state“, hypoglycemia, fever, lack of appetite…

Therefore, it is recommended to drink more and eat properly by eating a little of everything to benefit from maximum nutrients, while avoiding fibre. Dr. Ponnusamy especially recommends rice, rice water, carrots, and even bananas.

The best thing is not to get sick, by respecting the usual hygiene measures: wash your hands well and, if there is a sick person in the house, clean the toilets to avoid getting sick and transmitting the infection to the rest of the family.

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