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Understanding Science and What It Threatens, with Norman Baylargon

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Understanding Science and What It Threatens, with Norman Baylargon

In these times of fake news and conspiracy theories, our collaborating philosopher Norman Pelargon takes the time to demystify science. What is science? How it works? Why is it important? What threatens her? Science breaks down into eight simple ideas that help you understand it.

Norman Baylargon mentions several popular scientific journals that he recommends.

SolveLast week’s puzzle :

Kant finished his watch before leaving his house, so when he returned he knew how long he was gone.

Since that time, he has subtracted the time he spends with his friend – after looking at his friend’s watch on arrival and departure. This gave him the total time he walked in. Since he was walking at the same speed and the same distance each time, he divided that walking time in half to find out how long it took to get back from his friend’s house.

By adding this time to the time shown on the friend’s watch when he left the house, he gets the time he got home. All he has to do is set his watch on time!

Puzzle of the week:

You are on vacation on an exotic island of two tribes. One, nods, always tells the truth; The other tribe, no, lies systematically.

You walked on the island and got lost. You are here at a crossroads and don’t know whether to turn right or left to get to the city you want to go to. Fortunately, an islander, who knows the answer, is standing there. Unfortunately, you don’t know if the answer is yes or no. Even worse, you can only ask him one question.

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What question would you ask him to make sure you’re on the right track?

Answer next week!

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