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Understanding the Evolution of the UdeM Campus

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“We spend a lot of time on our mountain campus. It’s a living and working space, but we don’t know much about the built environment,” notes Claudine Dume. Research Professor at the University of Montreal’s School of Architecture, with an interest in cultural heritage preservation, building, landscape and urban heritage. She is also a co-author of the book Campus: The Architectural heritage and landscapes of the University of MontrealAnd the It is the result of the work of the Canadian Research Chair in Built Heritage.

So I accepted an invitation beautiful watches To give a lecture on the mountain campus. As part of the Grandes Retrovailles of the University of Montreal, conspiracy Thursday, September 29, 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., at 1375, rue Therese Lavoie-Raux, on the MIL campus. Thus the graduates who attend will be able to understand the evolution of the campus since the end of their studies.

Campus development update

While the development of the North Wing of Mount Royal is the subject of many discussions, Claudine Dieume will take the opportunity to talk about the heritage value of the campus and the challenges posed by its preservation (environment, heritage and inclusion). The professor is particularly interested in the way we define what constitutes heritage and the different voices that are involved in this process – evaluators, experts or elected officials. She recalls, “Tradition is not born of tradition, but becomes so for the community at a certain moment.”

MI Déom will recount the remarkable moments in the history of the mountain campus (birth of the pavilions, layout of the buildings) and start thinking about the future development of the campus, particularly within the framework of the new master plan for the development. “History is not there to freeze anything. It is there to provide an additional perspective to the decision-making process,” notes the person who also collaborated with the Buildings Department in developing this plan.

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(Re)discover your own campus

Because even though students, staff, and faculty spend a lot of time at UdeM’s main campus, it remains unknown. Professor Dayum recounts how she prompted her groups to rediscover the College of Environmental Design’s pavilion, which they frequent every day though. “They didn’t know it was a former monastery,” notes MI Dayum.

According to her, it is the architectural richness of the campus that is underappreciated: “It is a true microcosm of the history of modern architecture in Quebec that is represented in the mountain campus.” The diverse and landscaped pavilions bear witness to all important periods of architecture, designed by local architects.

The College of Planning will also provide Guided visit mark Great reunionImmediately after the conference. Héritage Montréal will allow you to discover the heritage of the MIL campus two kilometers away, from the Outremont District to the School of Environmental Design.

So Claudine Diome hopes to contribute to an improved appreciation of this gem. “Knowledge allows recognition, which can bring about a sense of belonging. Heritage is also a vector of identity and well-being,” she concludes.

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