Earthblade announced by Extremely OK Games

Extremely OK Games Studio announces their next project: Earthblade, Described as “a 2D motion exploration game in a pixel-flexible art world.”

Creators of Celeste He was stingy with the comments on this production.

“Four prototypes were needed to find the Earthblade, and it’s now three years since Celeste came out,” said Maddy Thorson. “It seems optimistic to say, loud and clear, that Earthblade could appear within five short years since Celeste. The truth is we do not know how long we will need: We will take what we need (and it will be long).”

“This project raises me to the highest level. I can see it all in my head. Not quite, you see: Most of the details remain blurry in my mental image, and I think many of the details will change along the way. But I can see the overall look and feel good about its direction.” It is our duty to make this pure, ephemeral mental being into a real, imperfect and human being. We will get there by working every day. We hope some of you will ultimately enjoy what we create. ”

No release date or platform has been determined for Earthblade. For the time being, we have to be content with the only media below. Very OK Games also specified that the following information about this project would be time consuming.

An excerpt from the audio clip

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