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Update on the return date of LeBron and Davis!

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If they stay quiet on Deadline, the Lakers will have to quickly refocus to better manage the period without the star duo. In this regard, Shams Sharana gave a significant deadline for the return of Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Nothing has been going well in Los Angeles since the franchise’s worst nightmare: two long injuries LeBron James Anthony Davis. Without their leaders, Frank Vogel’s men face a series of defeats, and see the potential to fall into the rankings in the West giving them a cold sweat.

One Password: Wait while waiting for the Unibrow to come back first, then the King. Shams Sharya has provided the latest information on this topic, to help us see more clearly what time would be without the pioneering duo:

This team has to be in good health first. As for Anthony Davis, he should be back in about two weeks. As for LeBron, his absence was evaluated at the end of last week between 4 and 6 weeks. So the Lakers will be without their stars for a while, it’s an unparalleled reality this season.

LeBron was injured on March 20, and the calculation was done quickly: at the current rate, his return will be between April 20-30. Anthony Davis, he should re-tread the floors at the start of the month. We imagine that the arrival of the former mega-man from New Orleans would be enough to fill the gaps, but nothing will be the same until the king is restored. This is not now.

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In the meantime, though The huge calendar awaits them, The Lakers only have to take a back-turn, and try to grab a few matches in hand (we think especially about clashes against Cavs, Magic and, to a lesser extent, the Hornets).

Another 3 to 5 weeks of absence for LeBron James and two weeks for Antony Davis: This is where we are. Not enough to reassure Liker Nation …

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