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USB key lost 500,000 people’s information

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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A Japanese worker had a nasty surprise when he realized he had lost a USB key containing personal information of more than half a million people.

A man from Amagasaki village, northeast of Osaka in Japan, spent the evening at a local bar after his shift. According to local media, he was going to be hit until he finally passed out in the middle of the street.

When he woke up, he found that his bag, which contained a valuable USB key, was gone. The 40-year-old was working for a company responsible for tax-exempt home benefits.

According to local authorities and the BBC, the USB key contained the names, dates of birth and addresses of all the townspeople. The key also contained more sensitive information, such as bank account numbers as well as information on families who benefit from Social Security coverage.

Fortunately for the townspeople (and the guy in question), the key was encrypted and password protected. At the moment, no one has tried to get the information stored on the USB key.

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