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Utah Monolith: Mysterious silver monolith has disappeared in the desert

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The agency said that an “unknown group” had removed the Mulith on Friday evening In a post on Facebook.

“We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure, referred to as ‘monolith’, has been removed” from BLM’s public lands, the post said.

The monolith was first discovered on November 18 by officers from the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Aviation Office.

They were flying in a helicopter, to help the Wildlife Resources Department count big sheep in southeast Utah when they discovered something that looked like it came out of “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Pilot Brett Hutchings said: “A biologist … discovered it, and we just happened to fly directly over it.” CNN Affiliate KSL. “It was like, Stand up, stand up, stand up, turn around, turn around!” And I said, “What.” And it’s like, ‘There’s this thing out there – we have to look at it! ”

And there it was – in the middle of the red rock was a piece of shiny silver metal sticking out from the ground. Hutchings estimated it was “between 10 and 12 feet.” He told KSL it didn’t look like it was randomly dropped to the ground, but it did appear to have been planted.

Referring to a scene in the 1968 movie where a black monster appeared, he said: “I suppose he’s a New Wave artist or something, or, you know, someone who was a huge fan (“ 2001: A Space Odyssey ”).

However, it is illegal to install structures or artworks without a license on public land “regardless of which planet they belong to,” Utah DPS said. In a statement released Monday.

where is she?

The Monolith site was not disclosed because authorities said they had not They want curiosity seekers to get stuck In remote landscapes and in need of rescue.
But of course, that hasn’t stopped some. Several people have already been located successfully The Monolith, Tucked into a hole in Red Rock Canyon south of Moab.

The trip involved driving in the dark over rocky terrain and checking GPS coordinates, according to three people who had gone to see it. At least one explorer is lost in the beginning. But the trip was well worth it, they said, even if the mongrel was not the work of aliens.

David Surber was probably among the first to personally see the monolith. The coordinates of the Monolith have been shared on Reddit, but no user has been able to confirm their authenticity. Surber volunteered to find out.

The coordinates were already correct, and Surber eagerly shared the results of his visit with 200 Reddit users flooding his inbox. Among his findings: The menthol was neither magnetized nor hard (he said it looked “like a cardboard box” when he knocked it). he is too Common step-by-step instructions To break out into the monolith.

“At the end of the day, whether it is extraterrestrial or made through artistic expression, the Monarch has provided an opportunity for thousands of people to rally around something positive again,” he told CNN in an email. “It was a good escape from all the negativity we experienced in 2020.”

CNN’s Scotty Andrew and Leah Asmlach contributed to this report.

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