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Rock of Ages: Funny rock music

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Young Sherry Christian (Lunou Zucchini) dreams of becoming an actress. She moves to Los Angeles where she meets Drew Polly (Jordan Donoghue), who aspires to become a rock star. The musician introduced him to the friendly team Bourbon room.

A German businessman threatens the legendary bar show who wants to demolish the building. Despite the pitfalls, the heroes cling to their dreams.

Talent to spare

The production is full of people we secretly envy, those who have all the talents: singing, dancing, humor and flexibility.

Loony, translated by Tommy Joubert, is the first to speak. The actor and singer is also the narrator rock of ages.

The curious character speaks directly to the viewers and is not shy about directing the narration. It places the story in the context of the 80s, where things were allowed to be said that are no longer said today.

His energy and self-confidence, sets the tone for the show.

Every cast member withdraws from the game, and the two dreamy youngsters shaped by Lunou Zucchini and Jordan Donoghue deliver a dynamic and fair performance.

In the role of charismatic rock star, Rémi Chassé has been taken over by Stacee Jaxx who embraces decadence.

Sharon James amazed with her deep and powerful voice as a store owner Gentlemen’s Club Venus. Joëlle Lanctôt, as activist Régina, is unforgettable, and Norman Carrière, an actor of over 45 years, shines with his comedic talent.

There is no fourth wall

The characters are well aware that they are performing a musical and constantly joke about it. For example, Manuel Tadros, who plays Denis Sahib Bourbon room, refers to the fact that he forgot to change his costume between two scenes. This type of replica hits the target every time.

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The Quebec translation by Oliver Bertheum keeps you informed of the story throughout the performance. The songs are performed in their original language.

rock of ages It is a Broadway classic written by Chris D’Arenzo. musical comedy music box It was adapted to the big screen in 2012.

rock of ages He will rock the cage at the Capitole Theater until August 7 before moving on to Trois-Rivières on September 9 and 10 and at the Theater St-Denis in Montreal from October 27 to November 6.

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