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TheThe Norwegian Cruise Line, which hopes to be able to resume flights to the West Indies and Europe this summer or this fall, already announced its colors a few weeks ago: All its passengers and crew will have to present proof of vaccination against the coronavirus disease. Something would be impossible for her every time she landed in Florida, under a new law signed last week by that state’s Republican governor.

According to the analysis cited by him The New York TimesBefore the pandemic, 60% of cruise shipments in the United States were from ports located in Florida.

Several national and regional governments have been thinking for months about the legitimacy of such a document. For opponents, this would be an unacceptable interference with the privacy of citizens; For the backers, this would be a recipe for a faster return to cultural or sporting activities. Israel may be the first country to have drawn up such a document.

Traveling abroad is a separate category. The Canadian government admitted earlier this month that it is working on a vaccination certificate, intended only for international travel. The European Union, which has been working on it since mid-March, is planning for June, and France has just voted on June 9 – it will not only be used for international travel, but to reach “large gatherings”.

But it is clear that thorny discussions about the limits of such a document have only begun, in France, the United States, and elsewhere: What events would have the right to use to prevent access to the unvaccinated? What kinds of businesses? Will restaurants be a part of it? If so, how long?

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Before Florida, Texas became the first US state, in April, to explicitly prohibit government agencies and state-funded entities from requiring evidence of vaccination of any kind. On the contrary, American universities have already announced that they will make it a condition of entry for the fall session.

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