Vaccination Pass: Quebec Bar will close in protest

Vegas Sports Bar 2.0, which does not wish to implement the new health passport scale, will temporarily close its doors from 1He is September protest.

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“It’s my way of saying it doesn’t make sense anymore,” explains owner Richard Boleyn.

Although he has always implemented literally every government-imposed measure, he says he is indignant for agreeing to all these new rules. “In my field, many of us feel short of breath and many of us don’t dare speak, I’m sick of it,” he admits.

Since its closure was announced two days ago, it has continued to receive testimonies and congratulations from supporters. Instead, Mr. Boleyn invited them to do the same. “If I were to do it on my own, we would agree that for Mr Legault, that wouldn’t change much,” he said.

Not particularly worried about his company’s financial future, he assures us that he won’t leave his employees without resources on September 1. As in the first wave, they will have access to the emergency fund in case of need.

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