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Vaccination: Quebec will provide a fourth dose

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Quebec will become one of the few places in the world to offer a fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19.

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The National Director of Public Health, Dr.s Luc Poelho is expected to announce next week that a booster dose will be given to “certain people at risk,” Health Minister Christian Duby said Thursday.

The day before, he mentioned that the recommendation could apply to people over 80.

A new vaccination campaign can take place during the summer.

The minister explained that vaccination coverage for the elderly can last from six to four months. This age group was able to start making appointments in November of last year.

To our knowledge, Quebec has not received any indication to open a fourth-dose vaccination to the entire population, at this time.

In the past, vaccination campaigns were carried out by age groups, from the oldest to the youngest.

At the moment, only a few countries in the world are providing a fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19. Israel, Germany and Brazil are part of the lot.

In Israel, the recommendation applies to people aged 60 or over.

“I have given the order to immediately prepare for the fourth vaccine,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett wrote on Twitter at the time. The world will follow in our footsteps.”

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