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Vaccine proof: Which companies will be able to avoid restrictions?

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From September 20, businesses and services deemed non-essential for everyday life will be able to request proof of vaccination from their customers. This will allow them to avoid county health restrictions, such as capacity limits and a ban on the sale of alcohol from 10 p.m.

What is vaccination?

The vaccine can take many different forms. Maybe :

  • Document provided by Alberta Health Services during vaccination;

  • Map downloaded or printed from the government app MyHealth Records As of September 19;

  • QR code can be downloaded from the digital portal MyHealth Records from october. However, the county has not yet released a launch date for this service.

Proof of vaccination must be accompanied by proof of identity with a photo.

Those who cannot be vaccinated for a medical reason will be able to present a medical document to this effect.

Unvaccinated people will be able to get tested for COVID-19 at their own expense. The latter must be negative and can be used for 72 hours. Only the original document of the test result will be valid. Document images will not be accepted.

Businesses that are considered non-essential

The businesses, activities and services that are considered non-essential and that can be exempted from health restrictions thanks to the Vaccine Guide are:

  • Restaurants, bars and cafes.

  • entertainment centers such as casinos, bingo halls, bowling alleys, arcades, billiards or concert halls and any other such place;

  • museums and art galleries;

  • Cinemas.

  • gyms

  • conference and meeting rooms, as well as rooms available for rent (except for residences);

  • weddings and funerals held in public facilities;

  • Sports events and shows.

  • Organizing private events within public facilities;

  • Recreational sports for adults (for participants);

  • classes and recreational activities;

  • Services provided in hotels and residential units.

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Restaurants, bars and cafes that do not require proof of a vaccine will have to close their indoor rooms. Outside, service will be limited to six people of the same family per table. The sale of alcohol after 10 pm and the consumption of alcohol after 11 pm will be prohibited.

In gyms where proof of vaccination will not be required, classes and group activities will be prohibited. Only private training and individual training are allowed, while maintaining a distance of 3 meters between clients.

Business is essential

The businesses, activities and services which are essential to daily life and for which health restrictions will be maintained are:

  • events in private residences;

  • Retail stores and shopping malls

  • Dining rooms in the dining hall will be closed, but restaurants will be able to sell prepared foods;

  • libraries.

  • From kindergarten to twelfth grade schoolsNS general;

  • activities planned within the framework of school programmes;

  • Accommodations such as hotels;

  • religious services in places of worship;

  • Health services;

  • Personal care services

  • Post-secondary public institutions, as well as cafeterias and common spaces in residences;

  • workplace

  • First Nations Colleges:

    • Miskas Cultural College;

    • Old Sun Community College;

    • Red Crowe Community College;

    • Nuhelot’ine thaiyots’i nistameyimakanak University of Blue Quays;

    • Yellowhead Tribal College.

These places must comply with the restrictions imposed by the county, that is, limit their reception capacity to one-third of their usual capacity and respect the physical distance between families or people living alone accompanied by two family members. cohort.

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