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Ostrogoths and Civilization | Journalism

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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In these times of confinement, Netflix offers very little content that interests me. Not that it matters, because the news produces a great spectacle.

Organized by an individual on the border of deceptive behavior, these travelers’ vacations aboard the Sunwing are the best vacations that will never happen by any means. This appears to be the Quebec version of the Fyre Festival, as many netizens have pointed out.

I laughed a lot at this scandal fueled by OD Scoop. But with nervous laughter, because it seems to be part of the great stage for the possible decline of our civilization. As if the movie do not search It was a documentary and a prophecy at the same time.

Justin Trudeau didn’t think very well when using the word “Eastern goths” to refer to party animals with decadent behaviour. I am not saying that because of the analogy of barbarism. As you can see, the Ostrogoths are one of those peoples who literally participated in the fall of Roman civilization in the time of the Empire.

So the term is eloquent. This “Zein Flu” ranceurs1 » ., who personify lopsided individualism, have little in common with the Gothic peoples, but perhaps also indicate the breakdown of society. The analogy ends there. Nevertheless, it calls for serious reflection on our collective future.

The rise of social networks over the past 15 years, with the strengthening of connections that would be impossible without technology, has above all left us stuck in a consumer society deprived of its solidarity.

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On top of that, didn’t it make you smile, these airlines that have invested millions of dollars in influencer marketing for years, and today are making a lot of blocking a few? Zain Florencer of their trips? Where was the meaning of Air Canada’s citizenship when, last year, the company used influencer marketing to promote sun destinations in the midst of the second wave of COVID-19, contrary to federal government recommendations?

The spirit of citizenship is in disrepair, but not only in Air Canada. In recent years our political authorities have done, in my opinion, very little to promote a sense of commonality among our population. This is reflected, among other things, in the low turnout of young people to vote. And after the vote, let us confirm that we have witnessed the destruction of many citizen participation spaces. A good example is the austerity of the previous liberal government, which hit youth forums head-on.

The Institut du Nouveau Monde noted in its memoirs from 2019 that young people, despite their interest in public affairs, maintain a sense of incomprehension and powerlessness in the face of the political system.

And the mixture of decline would not taste very good if elected officials doubled down, in addition to all of the above, decisions that, in the eyes of the population, are vague and incoherent.

Unfortunately, many government measures recently imposed as part of pandemic management contain only such deficiencies. It suffices to take as an example the imposition of a curfew, a measure whose legality is seriously questioned by many experts.

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However, the cohesion of a society is especially lost when the individuals who compose it, in addition to feeling helpless, lose confidence in the legitimacy of rules, especially those dictated by existing political forces. Hence the importance of establishing acceptable and justified rules, especially since if misinformation is mixed with a loss of confidence, serious crises can occur.

As evidence, as I write these lines, we are one year after the day after the rebellion in the Washington Capitol. So I am careful not to take for granted our democracy, which deserves that in all aspects of our society we encourage a sense of community.

1 “Zen” is a creole term for gossip. “Rancor” is a Creole term for an unreliable person. “Influenza” is disease in English.

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