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Valor: New Dealer Astra reveals his capabilities with video

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Like all games Free to playAnd the Valorant regularly receives additional content, With Skins at Battle Pass, But it’s also new Client. euro Landed in FPS Competition Riot games (League of Legends) At the beginning of the year, and It is now Astra Who is the center of attention.

next one agent From Appraisal It will be operable from tomorrow, and the developers are already providing it in detail. Astra He would thus be a strategy-focused Ghanaian character, equipped with tactical abilities that would allow him to see the map better. L ‘agent It can be seen in the video clip by Play Above and here are its possibilities:

After placing the star, simply activate it to form the well of gravity. Players in the area are attracted to the center before it explodes. The blast applies the crisp condition to the trapped players.

After placing a star, players can activate it to detonate the Nova Impulse. Pulse Nova charges up for a short time before exploding, confusing all players within a radius of impact.

It is possible to activate one of the placed stars to turn it into a nebula (smoke).

It would be possible to scatter a star, which would allow players to place another star in another location after a certain delay. The scattering briefly forms a pseudo-nebula at the star’s site before being replaced.

The Astral Form entry allows you to star with base fire. Stars can be activated later to turn them into Pulse Nova, Nebula, or Gravity Well.

When the cosmic section is charged, use the secondary fire in a star shape for aiming, then the primary fire to locate two locations. An infinite cosmic partition will connect the two specified points. The cosmic section blocks bullets and greatly mutes sounds.

Astra It will be available from March 2, 2021 at Valorant It will be accompanied by a new one Battle Pass To launchLaw 2 From’Episode 2. Photos forAstra On the second page, you can find From Valuation points Certainly Amazon.

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