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Variable requirements to prepare for a trip abroad

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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For two years, the succession of pandemic waves and doubts about health restrictions prevented me from enjoying holidays outside Canada.

With cuts being announced more and more here and there, everywhere in the world, the situation seems to have evolved to be able to do so.

However, an acquaintance, who had recently returned from abroad, told me she was forced to spend five weeks outside of Canada instead of two, due to this difference in rules.

A journey with several stops, such as one that leads to several countries in Africa, exposes me to danger of this kind, both on the way there and on the way back.

What scenario can I expect if my trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo takes place today? In the absence of a direct flight, I will have to cross through France.

I did a little research to figure out what to stick with at each stage so I wouldn’t waste precious vacation days in relaxation which varies from place to place.

Upon departure from Edmonton International Airport, I would expect to be asked to provide proof of regional vaccination.

This proof must correspond to the vaccination passport that will be required of me when I stop in France. That should be enough when I arrive in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Unless there are changes every now and then, when I return to Canada I may expect more requirements: Pre-arrival screening result, ArrivCAN receipt, proof of vaccination and possible quarantine plan.

What if a fifth wave of the pandemic occurred? If this happens before departure, I must cancel my flights. If that happens later, I will have no choice but to adapt to the limitations that will appear.

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Because of all these rules, uncertainties, and potential surprises surrounding COVID-19, I am not planning to travel with my family.

However, I will go as a scout, aiming for a future trip with my loved ones. It is an experience for which I prepare with impatience and confidence.

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