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Queen Elizabeth II infected with COVID-19

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Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II, 95, had tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, but that his symptoms were only “mild”, sparking concern and wishing a speedy recovery.

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France media agency

The most famous monarch on the planet, who has just passed the record-breaking 70-year rule for the British monarchy, met her son Prince Charles on February 8, two days before he tested positive.

In a statement on Sunday, Buckingham Palace said “The Queen has tested positive for COVID-19 today”.

“Her Majesty has symptoms similar to those of a cold, but expects to continue over the next week on light assignments in Windsor,” the castle where she has made her main residence since the start of the pandemic, the text adds, thus reassuring. “You will continue to receive medical supervision and will follow all appropriate recommendations.”

According to British media, the Queen, who will turn 96 on April 21, has been vaccinated three times, as well as her son and wife Camilla, who also tested positive recently.

Shortly after the announcement, the palace issued a congratulatory letter from the Queen to Britain’s curling teams on their success in the Beijing Olympics – gold for women and silver for men – showing that the Queen is still running.

“Watched closely”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who spent several days in intensive care in the spring of 2020 with COVID-19, wished him on Twitter “a speedy recovery and a speedy return to vibrant good health”. The wishes of British politicians were added, for example, the wish of the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams stressed that “the Queen is very sober”, and “she has always been very positive”. “There is no doubt that she will receive the best possible care,” he added, expecting regular updates from Buckingham Palace.

Joe Little, newspaper editor Majesty Magazine.

The news, as the government prepares to drop the latest health restrictions, comes against a crowded backdrop for the royal family. Her second son, Prince Andrew, has reached an agreement to end a complaint in the United States about sexual assault and Scotland Yard has opened an investigation linked to the Prince Charles Foundation.

Among Londoners interviewed by AFP, the news was met with tinged apprehension. “It’s a symbol of the nation,” stressed researcher Pasquale Morris, “it’s a little weak,” but “it should be fine, we hope.”

Since her night in the hospital in October, the king’s appearances have become rare. But the palace recently announced the resumption of its public activities, including a party on March 29 in Westminster Abbey to commemorate Prince Philip, her husband who died last year.


Queen Elizabeth II speaks to Major General Eldon Millar, the Queen’s liaison to the armed forces, and her predecessor, Admiral James MacLeod, at Windsor Castle on February 16.

Since her meeting with her son, the Queen has appeared for a personal interview with her military attaché at Windsor Castle, about 40 miles from London.

Platinum Jubilee

The video of the meeting showed her standing, smiling, wearing a patterned dress, and a stick in her hands. “You see, I can’t move,” she said, pointing to her left foot or leg.

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The Queen’s appearance had given a signal that is likely to allay concerns about her health, especially after she was examined since her night in hospital in the fall for “initial” examinations, the nature of which has not been determined since then.

Prince Charles, 73, announced on February 10 that the heir to the British crown had tested positive for COVID-19 – for the second time – and was in isolation. He had met his mother 48 hours earlier.

Four days of festivities are set to mark the queen’s platinum jubilee, who overtook seven decades of reign on February 6.

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