Vegan, she filed a complaint against McDonald’s because an ad ‘forced’ her to eat a Big Mac

A woman decided to take the restaurant chain’s case to court because she believed that good publicity had “forced” her to violate her dietary and religious beliefs.

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Ksenia Ovchinnikova, a Russian Orthodox Christian who was doing Lent, broke her fast because she could not resist the temptation to taste the famous burger, after seeing an advertising poster with her doll, according to the British media “The Mirror”.

The Zamoskvoretsky Court of Russia confirmed that it had received his complaint and suspended her for a preliminary hearing.

“After watching the ad I couldn’t help myself, I went to McDonald’s and bought a cheeseburger,” she explained.

You blame the restaurant giants for advertising meat and animal products at a time when Christians abstain from both. “I see a violation of the Consumer Protection Act, and I have asked the court to investigate,” she continues.

Oddly enough, she demanded compensation for “moral damage”, up to 1,000 rubles ($17).

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